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by Debbie Jane P. Baledad, MARCH 2022

KAYCE ANN E. REYES, Tollways Development Support

At a glance, Kayce Ann Reyes seems like your typical shy type of girl who has a knack for communication and coordination skills in the workplace. Working under the Project Support Team specifically the Utilities Relocation for C5-Link Project, she also managed to handle properly her time management skills.

With her current taskings of ensuring that all the affected utilities will be properly relocated and proper coordination and communication with the affected utility companies to avoid unnecessary delays/obstructions in the execution of the project, there were times when her integrity was challenged. When asked how she managed those moments, she shared, “I seldom feel the pressure to do anything against my integrity. But because I am a shy person, and my scope of work requires a lot of communication with different people, there was this time when I just was starting, when I missed some of the important information during the site inspection. That time, I thought about lying to my immediate supervisors, acting confidently that I was certain with the information, but in the end, I can’t help but tell and admit the truth to them since my conscience really can’t bear it. I know that if I don’t be honest with them, the issues will not be properly addressed and resolved, and will just accumulate in the end. I also realized that you really must be honest to your superiors because they are the ones who will help you whatever the situation you are in”.

This experience helped her to manage her future coordination in the workplace. For Kayce, integrity is how you uphold oneself even if no one is looking. Looking back, she also shared some of her experiences during her high school days, “There was this time when I caught my friend cheating during the exam. I admit that I was competitive at that time and I find it unfair that she was cheating, while I was there, trying my best to study. That was my first time going to the counselor. My friend and I didn’t talk for about two weeks because of the awkwardness, but in the end, we still became friends.”

Now that she’s been in a company for a year and counting, it seems surreal how she managed to incorporate her integrity with work. “I feel proud because I managed to hone not just my skills and capabilities, but also my values. It is a great feeling to be with a team and company that values integrity and other behaviors,” she said.

Kayce’s final words, “My advice is that one should always tell the truth no matter what the circumstances may be. Because at the end of the day, it is always easy to live with the ugly truth than to burden yourself with beautiful lies.”




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