Juan of South: Customer Focus

by Debbie Jane P. Baladad, JANUARY 2021

KATE N. LAJUM, Right-of-Way

“Small but terrible person”.. I have always known Kate Lajum as this shy and introverted person who always want to work on her own. “When I was in college, I was an introvert; I spend most of my time alone. I was afraid of communication/interacting with others,” she said. Ever since she was assigned to CALAX Project, handling and assisting with all the documentations of the project’s right-of-way, I’ve never had a chance to get to know her in person. But all those things changed when our boss, Keka S. Dimasacat, assigned her to handle a challenging task- Advances and Reimbursements Processing under CALAX, C5 Southlink and MCTEP Projects.

Kate graduated from the well-known Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) in Alabang Campus. With the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English, Kate is determined to pass this year’s board exam. When asked about her favorite thing in her career, “I got to communicate with different people. My career now helped me to face my fear and improve my communication skills,” she said.

Kate is currently handling the processing of Advance Payments and Reimbursement Claims of affected claimants under CALAX, C5 Southlink and MCTEP Projects. With all the pressures ahead, I’ve seen how responsible Kate is towards her work. From coordination to different field personnel to processing of claims at DPWH-Central Office, she always ensures that all her tasks and responsibilities are taken care of. “Deadlines and our team’s targets and goals.” Are her motivations. “Being a part of Right-of-Way team is not easy. Our work is very crucial. We have deadlines and targets that needed to achieve on time. So instead of pressuring myself on these targets, I use it as a motivation to work hard and ako kasi yung tipo ng tao na ayaw natatambakan ng trabaho. That’s why I work harder and faster para maiwasan ito (laughs).” She added.




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Debbie Jane P. Baladad. A pure Manilena, she is a lover of milk teas, naps and ball point pens. She also finds addiction with watching movies and land transfers. Currently finding the enthusiasm in writing articles.

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