Juan of South: Building Capabilities

by Rojean B. Baleda and Debbie Jane P. Baledad, NOVEMBER 2021

ROMEO B. AGCAOILI, Security Operations

At a glance, Romeo “Romy” Agcaoili seems a typical security officer who has the knack of being brave and courageous in the face of danger. On top of his 16 years of experience in various security operations set up (Port, Airline, Hotel, and Bank Security), he is also known as the adventurous type of guy who never misses his hobbies of firing range at least two to three times in a month, mountaineering and biking activities 😊

Once, he was a Customer Relations Service Supervisor (Head Security and Safety Department) who led various officers in handling and managing all the security operations of the area. It was such a challenging and stressful task.

This experience helped him be in charge as Head of Security Operations for Manila-Cavite Toll Expressway Project of Metro Pacific Tollways South Mngt. Corp. Romy said, “Being the Head of Security Operations of MCTEP of the MPTSMC, is just a continuation of my previous work. When in a stressful situation, I often stop to take a step back and allow myself some time to think, plan and prioritize. For example, if I’ve got a lot of different projects I’m working on all at once, I become more efficient with my time. I guess my experiences from my previous careers played a big role”.

Romy further shared some of his experiences acting as the head when dealing with pressure. “Sometimes you have to stay calm. Being calm strengthens one’s personality. However, staying calm can be difficult when you have a terrible headache and have an urgent deadline to meet. In such situations, tap the power of breath (inhale/exhale). As soon as become you aware of it, mababawasan na yung stress mu” he said.

Now that he’s in two years and counting, it seems surreal how he managed to deal with those challenges. “I feel proud because I belong to this wonderful team that builds and hones my skills and capabilities when dealing with challenges at work. Looking back from where I started, from endless meetings, coordinations, exhausting all possible solutions and decision-making, I became stronger and independent” he said.

When asked about the factors which have a great impact on building his skills and capabilities as the Head of Security? He said, “With my education, knowledge, training, and seminars are contributing factors which impacted my skills and capabilities. Significant experiences also played a big role in this. We have to think that nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced. Because a mere education and knowledge of the security industry are not enough. Education plus experience equals expertise. It’s pretty unbelievable at first, but for sure, once you go along with it, it will be worth it.”

Romy’s final words, “My advice to those others who wanted to build and grow their skills and capabilities, – Be a lion in the face of danger! Don’t easily give in to pressure and face every challenge confidently. Either you will overcome the adversity or learn something invaluable. Be kind to yourself as well. We are taught to be kind to others. Yet, many of us fail to be kind to ourselves. Studies show that self-compassion brings positive traits like optimism, happiness, and positivity. Contrary to popular belief, self-compassion does not mean letting yourself off the hook. Rather, it means taking corrective action, albeit without being too self-critical.”




About the writer:

Rojean B. Baleda. A sweet yet straightforward woman, believing that the power of words can induce to change each personality which I fondly call “the art of words”.

Debbie Jane P. Baladad. A pure Manilena, she is a lover of milk teas, naps and ball point pens. She also finds addition with watching movies and land transfers. Currently finding enthusiasm in writing articles.

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