Juan of South: Building Capabilities

by Razelle Eldlene I. Azugui, NOVEMBER 2022

Engr. Jasper Ian B. Mendoza, Project Management Department  

The corporate world is a fast-changing world wherein employees and employers alike must thrive to adapt, acquire new skills, and fundamentally explore how capability-building can increase business value.  

Engr. Jasper Ian B Mendoza, the new Project Engineering Head of CALAX Project has been working in the industry for eight (8) years specializing in highway and structural engineering, and project management. He recently joined the team last October 2022, and currently handles three sections in CALAX; Engineering, Planning and Monitoring, Quantity Surveying, and Cost Engineering.  

As a millennial supervisor, he believes that with continued nourishment of his team’s well-being, and properly identifying each member’s strengths and weaknesses, we can be able to develop a resilient and adaptive workforce that aims to deliver excellence. With the current challenges in project management which mostly arise from establishing a culture of following policies and procedures, an engaged and motivated workforce is essential in strengthening the organizational capabilities.  

The changes in the organization, as abrupt as they may be, is a necessary actions taken by the management to also improve our building capabilities. Ensuring that people tasked to lead are capable and knowledgeable is one step in fostering a kind of learning culture, improving what was built upon, and continuously building a culture of excellence. An understanding must be set because people need to understand why learning and adaptability matter. Our customer’s expectations are rising, and the external environment is evolving radically, so being able to respond strategically is important.  

With technology continuously changing the way we work and learn; digital literacy has been one of the capabilities that must be reinforced. Having said that, for Sir Jasper, this is where the HR and Business Development Departments, play a big role in capability-building. With the new generation of talents who are motivated by their overall sense of improvement and personal growth, the organization must invest in capability building in ways that are also attuned to advanced technology. A great example of this according to him, is the Knowbe4 training, an interactive and digital kind of learning platform offered by the company. The flexibility offered by such programs brings a certain level of satisfaction and an efficient way to develop skills virtually.  

According to Sir Jasper, as leaders, the goal must be to create a working environment wherein team members can feel a sense of purpose, and psychological safety; and wherein learning and growing together is available. We must not only focus on the mission and purpose but more so on what makes us human. Work, is not just work. We can make collaborations more fun, or a little less hard, so all may be able to thrive. 




About the writer:

Razelle Eldlene I. Azugui. An introvert with coffeeholic tendencies. Enjoys long walks under the shade of trees and would rather bury herself in reading a good novel. Sweet yet straightforward woman, believing that the power of words can induce to change each personality which I fondly call “the art of words”.