Juan of South: Adjust Efforts Innovatively

by Rojean B. Baleda, APRIL 2022

ANNA NICOLE A. ATIENZA, Project Development and Corporate Finance

Anna Nicole A. Atienza, our PPMS – Administrator from Project Delivery and Compliance Reporting (PDCR), is responsible for leading the activities of the Project Portfolio Management System (PPMS) implementation, monitoring end-to-end project delivery through the PPMS, and providing system support to end-users.

She is from Laguna and graduated BSBA Major in Marketing Management in Colegio de San Juan de Letran. Nicole loves to play table tennis, firing, mountaineering/hiking, trail riding/ biking, and board games.

She formerly worked in the cargo and freight industry before entering MPTSouth last 2021. “What made me choose here, I believe kasi what’s meant for us will always find its way. And pang long term commitment kasi talaga ako. Kidding! Honestly, upon researching the company without a doubt, it was a great opportunity, so I took it. One of the principles I set for myself is the ability to embrace change. Kaya, it is quite easier for me to adjust and adapt to my surroundings, with the different cultures of the people and departments I work with every day. Moreover, the nature of my department’s role. Now that we have the Project Portfolio Management System (PPMS) in place, our efforts will innovatively make an impact on our organization and improve the way we do our work. But only because of the enormous efforts, engagement, time invested, and the patience of every person vested in this project, I can continuously act and perform my role,” said Nicole.




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Rojean B. Baleda. A sweet yet straightforward woman, believing that the power of words can induce to change each personality which I fondly call “the art of words”.

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