JANUARY: Zero Waste Month

by Lulu G. Canlas, JANUARY 2022

Photo Credit: denr.gov.ph

In observance of the Republic Act 9003, or the Ecological Solid Waste Management 2000, the DENR 6 through its Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) organized a month-long activity for the celebration of January as the Zero Waste Month.

The DENR suggests some tips to lessen, if not fully solve the solid wastes problems:

  1. Bring your own bottle
  2. Keeping your own cutlery when you’re on the go
  3. Create your own reusable cloths by cutting up some old fabric
  4. Avoid using plastic straws
  5. Bring your own reusable bags when you go grocery shopping

For 2022, MPT South employees say their top three contributions to zero waste are to:

  1. REUSE
Sharmain E. BinaraoOPERATIONS MANAGEMENTto use eco-friendly materials
Jettyford F. BuenoOPERATIONS MANAGEMENTTo use personal and recyclable bags when going to Supermarkets (Hyper or Puregold). Use bayong and containers, (lalagyan ng isda at iba pa), when going to Balintawak market.
Rodel M. SicaporeOPERATIONS MANAGEMENTto use the bike to work often, use a reusable bag when going to the grocery and save water usage
Mark Anthony M. TulfoOPERATIONS MANAGEMENTSwap out plastic bags for reusable bags.
Christian A. LabajoOPERATIONS MANAGEMENTReusing plastic items and eco-bags.
Karla B. OrozcoOPERATIONS MANAGEMENTSwapping shopping bags to reusable ones, bringing my own cutlery set and bottle to use when I have to dine in a fast-food chain (which is also safer nowadays because of the covid-19 threat), using of shampoo bar instead of bottled shampoo or sachets, and lastly composting leftover foods and other biodegradable items to be used as fertilizer for my plants. 😉
Mhanny S. AgustoCOMMUNICATION & STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENTAlways bring eco-bag/reusable bags whenever I shop or visit the grocery/market.
Leslie C. SaulogCOMMUNICATION & STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENTIn 2022, my contribution to zero waste is to always use reusable eco-bags instead of plastics.
Pauline Renz P. VillanuevaTECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENTAlways carry a reusable water bottle (tumbler) and coffee cup
Rojean B. BaledaTOLLWAYS DEVELOPMENT & ENGINEERINGSwap out plastic bags for reusable bags
Queen Mae O. HufanaTOLLWAYS DEVELOPMENT & ENGINEERINGto refrain from using disposable products, instead, I will support the usage of reusable things


Eugene S. EstoqueOPERATIONS MANAGEMENTLessen the purchase of plastic products
Arnold A. BabistaOPERATIONS MANAGEMENTreduce using paper
Arlynn B. PapioOPERATIONS MANAGEMENTIn 2022, my contribution to ZERO waste is to recycle more and as much as possible to cut the usage of any harmful products that contain plastic materials that can destroy our environment.
Sarah Mae S. RojasOPERATIONS MANAGEMENTavoid using plastic bags when buying grocery
Rian Jay P. NavarraOPERATIONS MANAGEMENTTo avoid the use of plastic materials
Bernadette O. SebastianOPERATIONS MANAGEMENTEliminate usage of Disposable Sanitary Pads
Meldrick D. AlejoTOLLWAYS DEVELOPMENT & ENGINEERINGReducing our carbon footprint by bringing reusable shopping bags to avoid the use of plastics, making sure to buy only what we need to avoid waste, making energy efficiency a primary consideration when choosing new appliances like inverter type air conditioning units or refrigerators, turning off lights when not in use then replace light bulbs with LED type, lowering water usage by repairing leaks on water pipes and avoid unnecessary use like leaving the water running while we brush our teeth.


Heinz R. OraisFINANCEhelp in proper waste segregation and recycling items that can be recycled
Louie A. MorilloTOLLWAYS DEVELOPMENT & ENGINEERINGProper waste segregation and environment friendly.
Romel C. LangcauonTOLLWAYS DEVELOPMENT & ENGINEERINGAt home, to ensure the segregation of waste to plastic bags properly tightened and directly given to collecting local government waste collection team during scheduled collection per barangay.
Dennis A. De lunaTOLLWAYS DEVELOPMENT & ENGINEERINGEnsure segregation of biodegradable from non-biodegradable be implemented religiously in our home and work area too.

Whether to reuse, reduce, or segregate, each individual action contributes to taking care of our environment. Arnel Natividad of Toll Operations said,

To implement and support more on ecologically sound policy such as reducing, reusing, and recycling.

We can reduce the use of PAPERS/FORMS by implementing ONLINE FORMS. Mas makakatipid pa sa ink ng ballpen and printer.

For reusing and recycling, lets promote programs with incentives for those na makakaisip or makaka-achieved ng ZERO waste sa bawat department. Lalo na po sa ngayon, nagkalat ang mga used surgical facemask (non-biodegradable). I think mas ipush nalang natin yung cloth facemask. Mas nakatipid na tayo sa expenses ng supplies nakatulong pa tayo sa ating kapaligiran.




About the writer:

Lulu G. Canlas. A kind-hearted individual who helps others express their feelings, shake off their burden through the power of writing and expressing their thought.