In the spotlight: The man behind the letter, Dhoy Espiritu

by Maria Teresa V. Capistrano, JUNE 2021

Into the second year of the Covid 19 pandemic, the MPTSouth Human Resource has revived CONVO sessions between the Divisions, and our Management Committee led by President and GM Bobby Bontia and our Chief Operating Officer – CFO Chris Lizo. In this year’s format, employees begin this casual talk format with team members showing their dream destinations to visit when there is more mobility allowed. After this segment come the touching and interesting sharing of how everyone is coping at home, as well as their thoughts and feelings on their challenges and wins while having to work under uncertain circumstances.

One particular team member caught my attention with his touching gesture of writing a letter to management. For me, letter writing takes effort, even in Neuroscience, it has proven that when you write something down, it requires deep thought, building more than 10,000 new neural pathways in your brain in one sitting.

The practice of letter writing goes a thousand of years back when the Phoenecians invented the alphabet. It was their way of connecting. Fundamentally, a letter is a great way for expressing the feeling that prompted you to write in the first place.  Now, let us turn the spotlight to the man, who everybody fondly calls Sir Dhoy who is as candid, simple and as valuable as his letter.

The Letter

I would like to thank the MPT South management, for its untiring support and concern to employee’s welfare, especially that, after more than a year, we can still find ourselves amid in this pandemic.

We all know that many companies are closing temporarily while others are forced to totally shut down, causing hardships in the lives of many Filipinos, that is why we can consider ourselves fortunate because our work force belong to the Build Build Build program, a priority project of the government allowing us to continue working and earn for our family’s sake during these times.

It is not over yet… so for our safety and protection, please continue adhering to all available health protocols to avoid this frightening Covid 19 disease.  Thank you.


On His Employment

I’ve been connected with CIC since July 2014 and became a regular employee after two years as Project Coordinator of the C5 Southlink Expressway Project. The real reason I prefer to stay with MPT South was its people, I’m treating all of them as friends, my family .

On Family

Dhoy is proud of his role as a husband and father to his wife and two children. He share that his children are “both single in status namely Erliz Camille Espiritu, 28 years old working in Dubai and my youngest is named Ernest John Espiritu, 26 years old working in Divine Grace Medical Center.”

On the Future

He holds an administration role which is vital to keeping operation and stakeholder matters well oiled so to speak “I’m currently holding the position of Senior Associate in Tollways Development Engineering (TDE) Right of Way (ROW) in charge in the preparation of Request for Payments (RFP)’s for cash advances, liquidations, reimbursements, billing payments for utilities, site office rental, janitorial and security services, DPWH Salary request etc.  I’m already 57 years old and retirement is almost within reach yet still I’m praying for the continuation of MPT South development.”

Thank you Sir Dhoy, the clarity and intent of your letter showed us a glimpse of you and your consciousness of the efforts of everyone at the time of the pandemic.



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