How MPT South Employees Adjust to the COVID-19 crisis

by Lulu G. Canlas, APRIL 2021

Working, shopping, paying or getting around – the COVID-19 crisis has fundamentally changed many things. This month, we asked MPT South employees about the impact of the virus on their everyday life and how they are adjusting.

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All of the nineteen MPT South employees who responded agree that the impact of COVID-19 pandemic is hard and challenging. It is affecting their day-to-day life and themselves — financially, socially, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Let’s see how they adjust innovatively.

1. Practice safety protocols

Babs A. BabistaToll OperationsVery hard and challenging. Need to be safe always. Joaquin, Babs’s son said, “Very hard to cope up. Need to live in a new normal and practice safety always even at home.”
Ronald M. EscarosQESHSince we are on site from time to time, (I) worry every time specially when facing different people. But (I) follow protocols be wearing face mask and shield regularly, not going into crowded area, taking regular hot water and vitamins, etc. And, of course, the needed regular praying.
Mia E. DerriegaRight-of- WayBig affect in terms of personal communication, personal relationship with my family. We can’t gather together to celebrate events together. Not able to bond with friends. Studying of my kids, instead of face to face, is all online now. Which is hard cause sometimes there is internet connection problem and it affects the performance of my kids. You have no choice but to adjust in this new normal. Always wear mask, face shield, always sanitize for you to keep safe and for the safety of the people around you.
Gemma M. ManaloToll OperationsBeen in a 14-day quarantine twice since pandemic as I have a close contact to one of a probable case. It affects my daily life and also my work. Can’t report to work and can’t be with my family just to make sure others are safe too. There’s an impact on my mental and emotional health also especially when you are alone at home. To adjust on this situation, I always make sure that I am healthy and just following the protocols to prevent a worse scenario.
Arlette V. CapistranoCommunication and Stakeholder ManagementThere is this saying Only the paranoid survives. Washing hands and disinfection is now second nature, masks are part of the color scheme of my wardrobe, I vet places I go to and people I spend time with. Going to the grocery is targeted, I no longer linger. I had to re-purpose areas of the house to ensure everyone had their own space for social distancing with a disinfection nook. Every move and decision is about physical and mental health, economics and family safety.
Alvin G. del RosarioCompliance and Business ExcellenceMaking me Jittery . . .  being aware / conscious of my surroundings and wary about our COVID 19 Protocols. Sabi nga, Disiplina na. Kurtesiya pa.

2. Change the lifestyle

Bubot V. SuetaQESHNapaka laki ng epekto sa akin kasi, before the pandemic, I used to go home every week. I’m leaving in province kasi and my family stay in province. Big impact sa akin because I need to bring personal service going back to work before I only ride provincial bus which is more cheaper than bringing a personal service. And, yung takot na baka ako ang magdala ng virus sa bahay kasi ako ung laging nasa labas. Hindi lang financial but also emotional stressed ang dala ng pandemic. Hope matapos na to and return na tayo sa normal.
Rachelle Anne U. LeeHRADCOVID-19 came while I was still adjusting life’s unavoidable circumstances, I recently lost my father that time and when it hit, I had to adjust my way of recuperating and getting back on track. It affected me both ways, some positive and negative. But I choose to dwell more on the positive side effects, trying new things remotely, spending time more with family and strengthening my mental health through various things that made my heart and mind at peace. Generally, it affected my whole being, it lead me to discover things in me I thought I can’t change. I became more understanding and grateful of what I have and adjusting to it became a day by day learning while taking notes of the things that I have to improve. Making others smile and laugh is also a way for me to adjust on how this pandemic affected me as a person. That circumstance and this pandemic made me realize that life is indeed too short, so be kind.
Nikko R. AtienzaTechnology ManagementIt changed a lot, I adjusted by changing my lifestyle.
Heinz D. OraisFinanceThe pandemic brings fear and limits our movement. We just become creative when it comes to leisure and spend quality time at home (board games, home activities and the likes).
Celina Joyce D. LazaroTechnology ManagementRestrictions in travelling.  This is how I reduce my stress before but due to pandemic I was able to find more hobbies like planting and cooking. These new hobbies are now my way of reducing stress.

3. Bond more with the Family

Rojean B. BaledaDocument SystemMalaki yun epekto niya on my daily lifestyle. May advantage and disadvantage. Yung advantage is mas nakapag-spent ng time with family and mas na-appreciate ko na mas mahalaga yung health than wealth. Disadvantage is less na nakakapasyal sa iba ibang lugar, school ng anak ko is much affected kasi sa age niya mas maganda yung development ay may encounter to other kids, and its a no no na talaga for hangout with friends and some relatives muna.
Margie S. DanesFinanceCovid 19 affects our finances, husband is retrenced from work but established a small business, covid causes fear to our  little children but managed to comfort them. Covid made us realize how simple life it is, being healthy, have something to eat on the table, being together, spending more time with family and family prayer matters most amidst this crisis. 
Brean J. EneroProject Management It greatly affect my day to day life in terms of health and social, I am adjusting all this by making more time spending and bonding with my family.

4. Faith in God

Arlynn B. PapioTraffic OperationsThis pandemic affects my daily life not just physically but also emotionally and mentally. Many challenging situations test my skills and other matters. I realize that God always there for me thru ups and downs. He always guides me in everything that I do. I am also thankful that my family is always there for especially when I feel depressed.
Danilo R. IgnacioProject ManagementIt greatly affected as me and my family and maybe most citizens are walking in a very fine/thin thread that for a sudden lapse or mistake our life maybe loss. There is always that fear within us, survival is the common norm now, the enemy within is invisible maybe it will take to be back in our normal way of life. Coping/adjusting  with the current situation is not simple but following the COVID protocol is one way, positivity is the other but above all faith to GOD, prayers is ultimate weapon everyone can have.




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