Holiday Feast Ideas

by Ma. Ericka Joyce C. Dungo and Patricia B. Marcelino, DECEMBER 2021

Christmas is approaching and the Le tradition of the Filipinos won’t be complete without Noche Buena. Families and friends gather to share meals during this holiday season. Various dishes served are usually something special to make it more festive.

As we all know, “Food is life” for most Filipinos. Of course, Filipinos love to plan what recipes to be served that are within their budget. We have prepared a list of top Christmas recipes for your Noche Buena:

  1. Lechon

What’s a Filipino feast without this? It’s like a necessity for every special occasion not just during Christmas!

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2. Filipino Style Spaghetti

Many people have their own version of Spaghetti nowadays and sometimes children tend to not eat this anymore because they are used to eating it but this is present on most occasions.

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3. Morcon

This is a Filipino meat roll stuffed with a hotdog or sausage and other vegetables. Made through braising.

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4. Ham

Most Filipinos eat this with a sandwich. More often than not, we also give this as a Christmas gift to our relatives.

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5. Barbecue

A food that can be an appetizer, main course, or something to eat when you’re hungry! This can be a chicken, pork, or beef bbq and is definitely one of the much-loved food!

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6. Lasagna

Craving for something Italian? You can ask your parents or any relatives to prepare their special lasagna for you!

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7. Lumpiang Shanghai

This usually serves as finger food and is perfect if you dip it in a tomato or banana catsup and who doesn’t like Lumpiang Shanghai on a special occasion? No one, right?

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There are lots of dishes that are not on the list which is best to serve this Noche Buena depending on your cravings. Ready to unbuckle your belts? Make sure you’re ready to eat a lot this Christmas and New Year!




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