Hiking Club: Twin Hike at Tanay Rizal

by Erica B. San Diego, NOVEMBER 2022

Name: Mt. Cayabu and Mt. Maynoba Twin hike 
Difficulty: 4/9 
Elevation: 662 MASL (Mt. Maynoba), 728 MASL (Mt. Cayabu) 
Jump-Off: Barangay Cayabu, Tanay, Rizal 
Hours to summit: 3 hours 
Features: Fantastic view of the Sierra Madre Mountain range, sea of clouds, grassland ridges, and eight waterfalls 

Last November 19, 2022, MPT South Hiking club went to Mt. Cayabu and Maynuba, Cayabu and Maynuba also known as the Maynuba loop circuit in Tanay, Rizal.  Hiking members conquered the heavy rains and the muddy trail going up to the peak and down to the jump-off area, a total of 9 hours of walking, climbing, and sliding before they reach the last stop. It was a fun-filled and unforgettable experience for the members, let’s hear to them their stories and experiences: 

Senon, Asset Management

“I am very glad to be part of this event. It is a very long and challenging journey but still full of enjoyment as a whole. Hope that this experience will continue the soonest. 

  Thanks to our committee and members.” 

Lazo, Project Management

“Thank MPT South for establishing wellness clubs such as the hiking club as it promotes fitness, appreciation of our nature, promotion of local tourism, and camaraderie among co-workers. This may be one of the hardest hikes I’ve ever joined due to the weather but nonetheless very enjoyable. Looking forward to more hikes with the team. See you next year!”  

Bederico, Asset Management

“It was indeed a great experience. The breathtaking view makes the exhausting walk and numerous slips and falls seem forgotten. It is one of the most memorable experiences here in MPT South. 

Can’t wait for the next hike! ❤ 😊” 

Ibasco, MPT DSI 

“This hike is one of the hardest and most challenging hiking activities I have encountered but it was still fun with the presence of everyone. I do hope these kinds of activities will continue to promote health, not only physical but also mental. It has also taught us to wait and to care for everyone in the group. Regardless of the difficulty, it was a relief that it was a success with very minimal injuries only. We also got a chance to meet people and colleagues who we seldom meet. I do also hope the crossover of participants from various Business units can be looked upon eventually.” 

Acorda, QESH 

“It was a great experience for me and also for the group. Although it took a lot of time to finish the hike for Mt.Cayabu and Mt. Maynuba, because of muddy, slippery access and bad weather, we managed to finish it, but the most important thing is  we are all safe and we really enjoy the hike. It’s a memorable one, and looking forward to more activity next year, Thank you MPTS Hiking Club. Godbless” 

Bustillo, Toll Operations 

Masasabi talaga na one of the most memorable hikes of the year.  Malayo pero worth it.  Sa napakaraming paangat na daan. Malinis na trail kung saan alam mo na pinangangalagaan nila ang lugar. May mga trail na maputik at madulas.  Pero napapalitan ng paghanga at ngiti dahil sa ganda ng lugar. Sariwang hangin at luntiang kapalaigiran saan kaman tumingin.  Malamig na tubig ng mga talon kung saan nakaka relax sa paa at pakiramdam at ang pinaka hindi makakalimutang tagpo ng maabutan ng ulan sa gitna ng trail naging mahirap pero tulong tulong at sama sama.  

Salamat MPT South.  

Naway tuloy tuloy ang onelife activities sa mga susunod na taon” 

Abeno, Asset Management  

“Though the climb is a bit difficult, it’s really enjoyable! Hope to have another hike next year.” 

Papio, MPTC 

Being a member of the hiking club is a delight for me. In today’s world of chaos and constant stimulation, it’s hard to quiet the mind and think. Hiking is a great source of fun for us in addition to being good for our health. Hiking allows us to feel fresh, in good health, and strong. It provides us with a peaceful escape. I hope there will be more hikes to continue the fun and the connection between the employees. 


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Lao Tzu

Thank you for all the committees and members ❤” 

Corong, Asset Management  

One-of-a-kind hiking experience with MPT South colleague 🙂 🙂 looking forward for the next hike ….. Thank you MPT South 🙂” 

Atim, Supply Chain Management and Insurance

It was my first hiking experience with MPTSouth Peeps and Same with my previous hikes — Memorable and fun-filled but this time it was quite unexpected. 

Thank you MPTSouth Hiking Committee and members!” 

Alejo, Asset Management

“Before anything else, I would like to thank the Hiking Club’s organizing team. You did a wonderful job making our adventure worthwhile and enjoyable.  

For me, participating in the Hiking Club in Mt. Cayabu and Maynoba is special because of the following reasons:  

      1. Like some of us, I typically get to interact with colleagues mostly because of work matters. There is limited opportunity to talk and build friendships with most co-workers, especially those whom we do not get to interact with on a daily basis. The Hiking Club offers an enjoyable opportunity for participants to create better relationships with colleagues with similar interests. 

      2. Going outdoors for hiking is good for health and overall well-being. Not only that we got to burn calories, but we also got to enjoy seeing trees, rivers, mountains, and wildlife. Going on an adventure in Mt. Cayabu and Maynoba helps relieve the mind of stress, and this gives participants a well-deserved escape from the hassles of everyday life.  

I am absolutely looking forward to joining the Hiking Club’s activities again next year. And if I may suggest, I hope the club could also organize a tree planting activity so we can contribute to the well-being of the environment. See you then!” 




About the writer:

Erica B. San Diego. Handling Corporate and Government Benefits for MPT South, Cavitex, and CCLEC. A brand new MOM, PATIENT and Empathetic.