Growing People Through Feedback

by Sharmaine D. Paglinawan, JANUARY 2022

Last January 20, 2022, the first of six sessions of the Giving Feedback training kicked off. Twenty leaders attended the first batch. This program was put into action as a result of the Employee Engagement Survey held in 2021. 

The workshop was formally opened by the AVP of Human Resources and Administration, Sigrid Shun. She laid down the objectives of the program, “We would want to work in a good working environment. And part of that is your relationship with your team… But we are doing them a disservice if we do not give them the right feedback for them to develop… So I hope this workshop will help us gain the right skills to become better leaders of ourselves and our team.”

The workshop is being facilitated by Adam Bautista and Trixy Gabriel of Benchmark Consulting. Adam Noah Paul S.P. Bautista is a passionate facilitator, training consultant, and coach that guarantees high people engagement with his high emotional energy. His skill in facilitating programs has been molded through his numerous dealings with organizations and people from various industries, cultures, and countries. He is an active Global Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). On the other hand, Fe Cristina “Trixy” Gabriel wields a rich combination of training and coaching competencies anchored on an extensive academic and corporate background which she seamlessly blends with her role as a training consultant, facilitator, and coach. She is a Global Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Trixy is currently and actively managing the Secretariat of the International Coaching Federation – Philippines Chapter.

Ms. Trixy started the workshop with a question to the leaders, “What are your personal and professional aspirations for the year?” a question that triggered the participants to remind themselves of their unfinished plans and goals that were somehow hampered by the pandemic.

Here are some of the participants’ key learnings and feedback from the learning event.

“Two of the most interesting and beneficial topics are how to do a feedback dialogue and how to show your genuine concern when giving feedback.”

how to give feedback “more effectively” and positively anticipate the receiver’s reaction”

“Ms. Trixie is a great mentor, she’s not boring, mahahawa ka na mabuhay ka din eh and she knows everyone, she appreciates participants, she is not intimidating”

Very useful seminar, I love it




About the writer:

Sharmaine D. Pinagliwana. Psychology graduate from Cavite State University. Cat and dog lover. Terrible dancer who memorizes Eminem’s rap songs.