Get Excited Now with Our MPT DriveHub

by Pia G. Alimon, JANUARY 2022

Transcending the core business 

Digital solutions have helped a lot of industries grow and create more value for their customers.  For us, our foray into digital will help strengthen our commitment to improve mobility and elevate our customers’ experience.  

Hence, we will soon launch a digital platform that will empower motorists with various tools that they can use to better plan their travel. With it, we transcend beyond our core expressway business and advance into a whole new service that will provide motorists with the ultimate mobility experience for delightful journeys. 

Enhancing mobility, improving safety 

Introducing MPT DriveHub, the mobile app that we envision to be everybody’s go-to app for our customers’ travel needs.

The initial version of MPT DriveHub features user-favorite RFID reloading and balance checking, travel advisories, toll fee calculator, TSF establishments and facilities, and emergency help button.

The MPT DriveHub app is currently wrapping up its beta test phase, in preparation for its public launch in a few weeks. It has undergone a series of user research, studies, and stress-tests to ensure that the moment of truth for its users is at par—or even better– with the excellent customer experience they have along our expressways.

Watch this video that was used for the closed beta test phase, for an idea of what’s in store for us in MPT DriveHub.

Innovation at the core of MPTC 

While all these seem relatively new, we have always been at the forefront of innovation in transportation. Since day one, we have been deploying the latest and the best technologies in our expressways to ensure safety and provide greater convenience to the motoring public.

MPT DriveHub will be housed and operated by MPT Mobility.

Happily hustle in life by removing hassles on the road with MPT DriveHub!



About the writer:

Officially Celeste Pia Marcia Guiang Alimon, Pia does the branding, marketing and corpcomm-ing for MPTC. She believes that no truer words have e’er been spoken when Yoda uttered, “Do or do not. There is no try.” Also, Pia’s Myers-Briggs test once told her she’s an introvert.