First MPT South Bingolympics

by Sigrid C. Shun, JULY 2021

The luck of MPT South employees were tested last June 2021 for the very first MPT South BingOlympics 2021. Following the social distancing protocol, the BingOlympics was conducted via zoom, and participated by 70% of MPT South community. The event had elimination rounds for small and big divisions to narrow down the players for the grand finals.

Each employee gets one virtual bingo card and plays to complete a pattern, “punuan” or blackout. The bingo calls are drawn automatically and called out by the Bingo Master.

Finance Division, the first participants of the elimination round.

Preliminary winners from the small Division.

Preliminary winners from the big Division.

Employees played for luck and shouted the magic word “BINGO” when they completed the pattern.

The Bingolympics Grand Finals was held last June 30 via Facebook Live Event in the Southloop FB Group. After one player was disqualified for attending the event late, only seven Divisions competed head-to-head for the top three spots!

When there were four players who shouted bingo for the same number at the same time, their names were entered in the Wheel of Fortune to determine the top three winners.

Top Three Winners

  1. Lorbina A. Gerna, Supply Chain and Risk Management
  2. Julie Ann P. Huertas, Tollways Development and Engineering
  3. Antoniette T. Andulan, Communication and Stakeholder Management

Each winner receives Php 3,000 plus their Division receives a pot money of Php 10,000 and Php 20,000 for the small and big division, respectively. It was a happy moment for everyone especially for the winners. Truly, we can bond, enjoy, and have fun virtually.




About the writer:

Rachelle Anne U. Lee. One of the HR Specialist from Human Resource and Admin Division. Although writing is not her forte, she enjoys sharing and creating stories through video vlogs. She has her own YouTube channel which showcases her talent in video editing and camera works. Southlink opened a great opportunity for her by capturing stories of people from MPTSouth through the camera lens and sharing her interest in multimedia arts.

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