Expressions of Love by MPT South

by Margie S. Danes, FEBRUARY 2021

Valentine’s day is really such a great opportunity to spend some alone time with your love one or with the entire family! Would you think a romantic candlelight dinner and a movie date may still be possible during this new normal Valentine’s Day? Yes it is. But with a little bit of twist and a little bit of effort!

Let us take a glimpse on how creative people in the South are in preparing for this celebration!

Valentine’s by Margie S. Danes, Finance

Let us start it with me. We had a bonding time with my little ones baking cakes during this hearts day! We are not that expert though in making some dough but thanks for the vloggers, we made it! Expect a mess at the kitchen with smiles on our faces. Food really tastes better if we put an extra effort on it!  It serve’s as our meryenda during our Netflix movie date at home.

Valentine’s by Ruby B. Jameras, Finance

What about a Samgyupsal date at home? Yes, it is made possible by Ruby of South! Who would have thought kain sa labas with those casual dresses literally means “Samgyupsal date in the garden with the family.” Wow, it was such a creative date! Korean theme food, various variants of ihaw-ihaw, vegetable salad with a matching hot soup!  We could just imagine a long conversation and bonding moments. Their stomach is full and at the same time with overflowing love and joy!

Valentine’s by Leziel G. Bandiola, Compliance and Business Excellence

A simple celebration at home, with the dishes cooked with so much love and care seems a simple celebration for most of the young moms in South, to include yours truly. Some young ladies opt for celebration for a dinner date with their love ones. A late Valentines date at “the Nest” would never mean late for Leziel who says yes to forevermore! 

Valentine’s day is about celebrating your relationship. Putting a little extra thought into something out of the ordinary makes love grow and shine! Indeed, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive to be romantic and memorable!

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”

Helen Keller




About the writer:

Margie S. Danes. A Certified Public Accountant with extensive 14 years of experience in the fields of Accounting. Explored and mastered the end to end finance process from recording up to financial reporting. Loves writing and it was such a dream come true when she joined the Southlink Newsletter team in January 2019. With her family as her inspiration, spend most of her free time with her beloved family. Favorite quote is “Decisions are made to make things happen, we are what we are because we decided to become what we are!”

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