Employee Pet Lover: Nena Luz

by Sharmaine D. Paglinawan, MARCH 2021

For this month’s issue, we feature an employee from the Finance Division-Nena Luz, General Accounting Assistant Manager — a certified fur mom.

SOUTHLINK: What are the names of your pets? How did you come up with that name, does it have any specific significance?

Nena: Penny, a Lhasa Apso, was our first dog. She was named by the original owner. Then we decided to breed and name the puppies alphabetically, though we sell most of them.

(L-R) Dazz, Cookie, Ashley, Penny

SOUTHLINK: What breed are your pets?

Nena: Penny is a Lhasa Apso; Ashley and Toffee are mixed-breed of Lhasa Apso and Shih Tzu; Cookie and Dazz are both Yorkshire

SOUTHLINK: When and how did you get your pets?

Nena: When my cousin from Pampanga visited us here in Manila, she brought Penny. She was very cute and adorable and my children immediately fell in love with her that they requested for us to buy her, which we did.

(L-R) Penny, Ashley, Cookie, Dazz

SOUTHLINK: How old is Penny when you got her?

Nena: Penny was just one year old. Her birthday is on July 11.

SOUTHLINK: What is their favorite toys and games?

Nena: They love playing fetch with a ball.

SOUTHLINK: How well do you know them?

Nena: I know them very well. As they say, they are man’s best friends.

SOUTHLINK: Is there anything that your pets are scared of or react to?

Nena: They get really mad and would stay up late when there is a rat moving around

SOUTHLINK: Who takes care of them whenever you’re at work?

Nena: My children set a schedule of who will feed and clean up the cage everyday and they also were the ones who bathe the dogs once a week.

SOUTHLINK: What is your favorite thing to do together?

Nena: Every night, before we give them their meals, we let them run around the house  and bond with each other

SOUTHLINK: What are your pets’ favorite food?

Nena: Usually, dog food but they will eat anything you give them. They love to eat fruits as well.

SOUTHLINK: How much do you spend for their food per month?

Nena: A sack of dog food lasts for less than two months.

SOUTHLINK: Do you go outdoors? If yes, where is your favorite place to go together?

Nena: Yes, we all love going to the park, with my family, just walking around.

SOUTHLINK: What is the most rewarding thing about being a pet owner?

Nena: To have a pet is really rewarding and relaxing. They are basically our companion and we treat them as a family member, love them and take care of them as much as we can, we provided them our extra time to play, hug them and we feel also in return their love to us, they are so truly adorable. We feel happy when we are with them.




About the writer:

Sharmaine D. Pinagliwana. Psychology graduate from Cavite State University. Cat and dog lover. Terrible dancer who memorizes Eminem’s rap songs.

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