Employee Pet Lover: Akiko Clarysse C. Malonzo

by Sharmaine D. Paglinawan, APRIL 2021

This month, we feature Akiko Malonzo’s fluffy babies. Akiko is currently our Non-Toll Business Senior Specialist. She has been working for MPT South for three years now.

Akiko’s love for dogs started at a very young age. She had her first pet, an Aspin named Sarah, when she was only five years old. Unfortunately, Sarah died of old age.

Their family grew bigger. Spice- an 8-year-old Japanese Spitz. She’s the oldest; Pepper, an Aspin; Gucci, an Australian Poodle. Then there is Lexi, a Lion-type Chow chow. Their temperament is often misunderstood. People say that chows could be really moody and have the tendency to be aggressive but according to Aki, Lexi is actually a very sweet dog. She likes snuggling and being fondled. Only Lexi’s birthday is always celebrated among all of them since it falls on Christmas Eve which makes it a lot easier to remember and she’s turning four this year.

Two of them were adopted—Toeffee and Gari. They got Toeffee two months ago. He is a one year and four months old Golden Retriever. Out of all these dogs, Toeffee is the only who loves toys but they have to buy him a new one every time since no toys could outlive his sharp fangs. Bvlgari is a differently abled Shih Tzu. Gari has only one eye.

Part of their exercise habits are playing and taking long walks within their village.

When asked What is the most rewarding thing about being a pet owner?

Akiko said, “Yung uuwi ka ng bahay tapos inaabangan ka nila paguwi”

Indeed, there is no more satisfying and relaxing feeling than coming home to see those excited little creatures happily waiting for you after a long and stressful day at work.




About the writer:

Sharmaine D. Pinagliwana. Psychology graduate from Cavite State University. Cat and dog lover. Terrible dancer who memorizes Eminem’s rap songs.

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