E-Vehicles and Charging Stations, Next Step to Sustainable Energy Solution

by Dhale Angelo D. Santos, MARCH 2022

Gas prices are seen to rise weekly and are expected to go further based on the latest estimates. People are already exploring solutions and one of these is the utilization of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles seem like a dream in the past, but here we are today where automakers already released battery-powered cars. As MPTC goes green, we at MPT South also utilized E-Vehicles for shuttling and patrolling which also contributed to acquiring the LEED Gold Certification.

Aside from the Electric Vans that we use for shuttling, we also acquired an electric pickup, the Dongfeng Rich 6. This EV is also one of the early produced electric-powered pickups. One could say that this EV pickup has the resemblance of a Nissan Navara; this is because this vehicle was co-developed by Nissan, a Japanese automaker. Aside from the engine, every detail from the interior to its exterior is all the same with a Nissan Navara which makes it easier for maintenance, replacements, and upgrades.

So, how about the specs? This pickup is powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 120kW and a maximum torque of 420Nm. The installed battery has a total power of 67.9kWh which can supply the vehicle for around 400km of cruising. With these specs, daily travel and site inspections will not be a problem.

Partnered with our EVs is also a charging station, and we have two as of now. Located just in front of the Hive is the DC EVSE 60kW Standalone Fast Charger which can fully charge the Dongfeng Rich 6 in just around 2hrs. This charger has the capability to withstand solid and liquid intrusions in outdoor settings making it more stable and highly reliable. Aside from logging and indicating charging status, it can also be started or stopped by a mobile app or an RFID Card.

MPTC continuously strives to build roads and connect families with the least disruption to communities and the environment. Aside from the mentioned EVs are also the use of Solar PV Systems and LED lighting fixtures which saves energy consumption and at the same time reduces carbon emissions.




About the writer:

Dhale Angelo D. Santos. A licensed Electrical Engineer who discovered writing as his unveiled passion to share his engineering skills and knowledge in a creative way.