Drayberks Taps Royal Cargo Transport

by Leslie Ann C. Saulog, APRIL 2022

Road safety is a state of mind.


Drayberks aim to continuously share the knowledge on road safety continues as it taps various transport and logistics groups. The goal is to share information with motorists about traffic, safety, toll operations, expressway services, and Easytrip RFID, especially those traversing expressways. The project is geared toward educating as many drivers as it can to help in promoting road safety and lessen road incidents and accidents.

On March 28, 2022, the Stakeholder Management team of MPT South conducted Drayberks to Royal Cargo Inc. The company is known for more than 40 years of cargo transportation and handling. Its role in the logistics sector is very vital as it not only caters to local transport but also a global network of companies. It is an honor to bring the road safety orientation to such a well-established logistics company.

 The orientation was joined by drivers and operators of Royal Cargo Inc. It is good to note that majority of the participants would want to see more signages along MPTS expressways. Additional signages such as speed limit and name of bridges they passed by.

The management of Royal Cargo Inc. looks forward to another set of road safety orientation for those who didn’t make it on the scheduled date.

MPT South through Drayberks Road Safety advocacy believes that safety is everyone’s responsibility. We can never go wrong when we practice the safety protocols and if we continuously nurture our minds with the dos and don’ts in the expressways. This worthwhile initiative will continue to reach more motorists, logistics, and trucking companies to impart knowledge and share awareness with the motoring public.




About the writer:

Leslie Ann C. Saulog. An encouraged contributor living in the province of Cavite. Okay verbally when telling a story, but writing an article is a different one. Learning and still digging out the writer in me.