Different Ways MPT South Recognizes its Employees

by Sigrid C. Shun, NOVEMBER 2021

Did you know that in the August 2021 Employee Engagement Survey, 93% of MPT South employees agree that the company makes adequate use of recognition and rewards other than money to encourage good performance?

There are several ways to recognize and show appreciation for employees. Let’s take a look at three key types of recognition, all of which serve different purposes.

  1. Day-to-day Recognition

Day-to-day recognition, is more frequent and ongoing. This may include sending notes, giving cards, posting on bulletin boards, or anything that you can do to recognize employees fairly quickly and quite easily.

It is the perfect way to support organizational values on a regular basis and make employees feel valued without requiring a ton of time and resources.

Recently, MPT South launched a new reward and recognition program focused on words of affirmation and helping others. One can make a person’s day by complimenting them or pointing out what they did well. And, this is made easy with the Applauz mechanics where employees express through words of praise or appreciation how other employees are worthy of applause.

2. Informal recognition

Informal recognition is given to individuals or teams for progress toward milestones, when they achieve goals, or when they complete projects. This may come in the form of a division or department celebration or a low-cost memento presented spontaneously.

Informal recognition doesn’t necessarily happen every day. But it is not as structured as formal recognition programs.

Since 2018, MPT South launched an informal recognition program called L.E.A.D. Talks that highlight a combination of Learning and Development as well as Engagement and Appreciation opportunities. Every quarter, Division Heads endorse a number of employees they want to show appreciation by having the privilege to meet with and listen to the Center of Excellence Leaders of MPTC. On top of this, each participant gets a Thank You card and token of appreciation.

3. Formal Recognition

Finally, formal recognition is more structured. It usually involves a nomination and selection process and a ceremony or special event. Formal recognition programs happen less frequently and typically require a larger budget and more planning.

In the case of MPT South, there are two formal recognition programs implemented at the Corporate and at the Division level, namely: WHOwaran and Project Tollways.

On a trimester basis, WHOwaran is held for regular employees who are nominated and screened based on two criteria: (1) Employee exhibits behavior that models the company’s core values with no disciplinary record at the time of nomination; (2) Employee performance significantly impacts the individual or team’s Balanced Scorecard or Wildly Important Goals.

On a per semester basis, Project Tollways is held for project-based employees who are nominated and screened based on two criteria: (1) Sixty percent of the time, employees significantly contributed to the project’s objectives relating to Time, Cost, Quality, and Safety; (2) Forty percent of the time, employee behaves consistently with the company’s core values with no disciplinary record at the time of nomination.

No matter what type of recognition, it needs to be consistent and meaningful for employees. And, the variety of recognition will keep employees engaged.



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