CONVO sa MPT South

by Jana Polea, JANUARY 2022

On January 30, 2023, employees from Operations Management and Technology Management Division attended the first Face to Face Convo sa MPT South event at Learning Hub. The event was also attended by Ms. Elnora D. Rumawak, Finance Division Vice President, Ms. Estelita A. Francisco, Operations Management Division Vice President, Mr. Arthur P. Ong, Technology Management Division Asst. Vice President, Ms. Lea M. Wong, HRAD Sr. Vice President and the MPTC President and General Manager, Mr. Raul L. Ignacio.

As you know, childhood creativity results to adulthood innovations. During the CONVO sa MPT South, employees and mancom were asked to introduce themselves by sharing their childhood toy and the story behind it. Most of the female attendees shared their love for dolls where Ms. Ella and Ms. Lea also relates. Our Finance Vice President, Ms. Bing, shared that her favorite toy were paper dolls, which is the same of other attendees. Sir Art also shared his interest with robots during childhood and Gundams in the present, which was same with some of the employees in TMD. Sir Raul, MPT South’s president, shared his childhood memory on receiving his favorite Garbage Truck toy.

Mancom and employees were also grouped together as they participated in the ice breaker, Drawing Charades. Who would have known that our mancom members are also active and participative in this kind of games?

I’ll leave it to you our readers, to identify which of the drawn objects were created by our employees or our mancom.

A lot of “slam book” questions were asked by our employees to our mancom, and they openly shared their answers. From “What is your favorite color” to “what is your motto?” And the last question asked was “What made you stay in the toll road industry for a long time?” and each mancom member shared their memory and experience in joining the MPTC group. They shared that the reason behind their tenure is they see their work as a vocation and mission, as well as the people centeredness of the company.

Getting to know our mancom members, and letting them get to know you too in a close and personal level through this kind of engagement program, is a great experience to have.



About the writer:

Jana F. Polea. An HR Business Partner Specialist of Operations and Communication Stakeholder Management.

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