Check Your Health Status Through an Annual Physical Exam

by Erica B. San Diego, JULY 2021

It is highly recommended that everyone – regardless of age – have an annual physical exam (APE) done every single year. A physical examination can be helpful because it can help determine the status of your health. This can give way to early intervention and prevention of any health issues that you are currently at risk for.

It can also help you assess which areas of your health need attention so they don’t cause bigger issues later on. For example, MPT South’s APE include:

  • Blood pressure – Measure of how high or how low the force of blood against your arteries is.
  • Cholesterol – Measure of the amount of cholesterol (good and bad) present in your blood.
  • Blood glucose level – Measure of the amount of glucose present in your blood. A blood glucose test is typically performed during fasting to get an accurate reading.
  • Body mass index – Measure of your weight compared to your height.

These health factors may not cause any symptoms but can cause several health problems in the future if they are left unchecked. APEs let your doctor assess whether these factors are in normal ranges. If they are above or below what they should be, your doctor will guide and help you to bring them back in the normal ranges.

Thus, in partnership with Delos Santos Medical Center, MPT South held its first APE at the MPT South Hub. For three days from July 12-14, 2021, 247 employees queued and followed through the APE steps.

After the appointment, the company clinic may follow up employees via email. They will provide a copy of employee test results and carefully go over the report. The company doctor will point out any problem areas and tell the employee anything that they should be doing. Depending on what the company doctor finds, an employee may need other tests or screenings at a later date. If no additional tests are needed and no health problems arise, then employee are set until next year.

Without physical exams, a lot of health issues can go unchecked for years or until they become serious problems. Annual physicals allow for preventive care because you can take control of your health before things go wrong.




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