CALAX’ Twitter Now Verified

by Fred John Santos, JULY 2021

CALAX official Twitter account @OfficialCALAX is now identified as ‘notable’ for its blue check badge after being verified by Twitter.

With this badge, it can help people distinguish its authenticity, which increases credibility among its audience. It also signified that the account is legitimate which can give users confidence that an account is who it says it is.

Also, after getting the badge next to CALAX’ name, Twitter will make users find and follow CALAX a lot easier that can help grow and communicate with an audience.

CALAX is one of more than 300,000 verified accounts worldwide on Twitter.

Earlier, CALAX official Facebook page has also been verified by Facebook. Now, the page is nearing 22,000 numbers of likes.




About the writer:

Frederick John Santos. A former media practitioner: he is a previous Social Media News Writer in an AM Radio Station. Now with MPT South, he writes to give information and updates of MPTS’ toll roads among its motorists, stakeholders, and media.

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