CALAX Silang Toll System for a Better Customer Experience

by Celina Joyce D. Lazaro, MAY 2021

Year 2020, Cavite-Laguna Expressway or simply CALAX opens its toll road to our motorists. CALAX serves an average traffic of 17,000 daily. Today, CALAX is successfully operating its five toll plazas namely Greenfield, Laguna Technopark, Laguna Boulevard B, Laguna Boulevard A and Sta. Rosa toll plazas.

Third quarter of 2021, Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation South targets to open another toll plaza in Silang that will cater an average traffic volume of 5,000 motorists daily. This new toll plaza will help to decongest the traffic along Governor’s Drive, Aguinaldo Highway and Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay road. To provide efficient and quality customer service in our toll plazas, let us find out the technology that we will be using in the newest toll plaza in Silang.

The Toll Collection System of CALAX is a closed system, which means that the motorist needs to have an entry point before exiting a certain toll plaza. In CALAX, the plate number and RFID tags of a vehicle will be read in the entry plazas by using RFID antenna and ALPR camera. The plate number and RFID tags that are read will serve as an entry information of a certain vehicle upon exiting. Once the vehicle reaches the exit toll plaza, the motorist can choose if he will be paying cash or by means of his RFID sticker. The Toll Collection System that are installed in our toll plazas contain the following equipment to give us better customer service and understanding in knowing how our toll collection system works.

Toll Collection System Hardware Equipment

  • Lane Status Indicator (LSI) This is an indication whether the lane is close or open to the motorists. A green arrow down is an indication of an open lane while a red cross is an indication of a close lane.
  • Lane Monitor This displays the transactions that are being processed in the lane.
  • Lane CCTV The use of this equipment is to monitor the current events happening in the lane. This is used for viewing and recording.
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition Camera (ALPR Camera) This camera is designed for capturing consistent and high-quality images of vehicle license plates.
  • RFID Antenna This equipment is designed to read and detect the RFID tags of the vehicle.
  • Contactless Smart Card Reader (CSC Reader) This is where the Easytrip Card will be tap if the RFID was not read by the RFID antenna.
  • Toll Information Point (TIP) The TIP has three parts, and these are:
    • Amber Siren Beacon (ASB) – Located at the topmost part of the TIP, the amber siren beacon will be triggered when a violation occurs.
    • Lane Traffic Light (LTL) – A green and red traffic light that shows motorist when to stop and go.
    • Toll Fare Indicator – This displays the information of the motorist such as vehicle class, toll fare and balance of his account. It also includes in the display the greetings or a farewell message.
  • Automatic Lane Barrier (ALB) This is used to stop the motorist in the lane when his transaction is not yet successful.
  • Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC) System This system is a combination of 3 sensors which determines the detected system’s vehicle class. It is also an indicator whether the vehicle already passed through the lane. The three sensors of the AVC system are:
    • Height Vehicle Detection (HVD) – located in the uppermost part of the AVC. This is installed at 7.5ft.
    • Passage Optical Barrier (Passage OB) – it detects the presence of a vehicle exiting the lane.
    • Optical Treadle (OT) – located in the lowest part of the AVC. This sensor counts the vehicle’s axle.

By increasing system efficiency and using modern technology, the capacity of the current limited resources can be optimized. Also, Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) systems are aimed at increasing traffic flow by reducing toll transaction time. The new toll plaza in Silang will benefit an approximately 5,000 motorists daily and these equipment will attend to perform faster and efficient customer experience to our motorists.




About the writer:

Celina Joyce D. Lazaro. Simply Celine. Graduated as a Computer Engineer in Bulacan State University and current position as Toll and Traffic Systems Associate. Bubbly but shy. Finds peace in quiet places. Also an optimist.

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