Business and Love: Sheereen P. Tibajia-Esquivel

by Margie S. Danes, MAY 2021

What else should our new entrepreneur from MPTSouth ask? Married the man of her life, got their new firstborn, and then fulfilled their dream of a new business together for the love of baking!

Wow! It was such a great feeling to start your business with your loved ones and with the same passion! This blessed employee of MPTSouth is no other than Sheereen P. Tibajia-Esquivel, Contracts Engineer from Contracts Department. She’s been with the company for one year and nine months.

It’s very interesting how they got started with this business from the wedding gifts of their families and friends who supported their passion for baking. The couple loves watching cooking and baking videos until they decided to start baking. Surprisingly, they got lots of commendations and feedbacks from their friends and families to start selling their baked goodies.

Their dreams came into reality as they already established their brand, sharing their freshly baked goodies with others. They started R&S Co. with a box of brownies which is now their best seller treat. Then they added another yummy banana bread and added some nuts on their products for a more enjoyable, chewable taste.  The couple keeps on innovating and they introduce other products during her maternity leave such as Ube Cheese Pandesal with Ube halaya and chocolate chips.

After a month-long experiment of R&S Co. Chocolate Chips Cookies, it is now their second best seller item, following their very own brownies! Their delectable sweet treats bakeshop goodies are made with so much love!

Ms. Shereen is very thankful to all who supported their business particularly to their first target market, friends, and families. They are introducing their baked goodies to everyone at an affordable price. They are currently the supplier of brownies and banana bread to a coffee shop near their residence. The business is doing fine as an online business and food delivery is booming in this time of the pandemic.

The couple is planning to expand their business so they could reach more people to try their products and experience the delightful taste of their goodies, “We are planning to have our small bakery or even a small coffee shop in the future, hopefully.” Ms. Shereen humbly said.

She ended up her story with a message to co-workers at MPTSouth, “Hi, mga Ka-Arangkada! Dami na naming customers here sa work. We are grateful for all your love and support. Yung paisa isang box n’yong orders meant so much to us. Maraming salamat. Kaya kayo, i-try n’yo na ito. It is worth every peso. ♥

What are we waiting for ka-MPTSouth! Try the baked goodies of Ms. Sheereen, they put so much love on it as they baked your order.  Try and feel their love and passion for every bite of their sweet treats along with their sweet story!




About the writer:

Margie S. Danes. A Certified Public Accountant with extensive 14 years of experience in the fields of Accounting. Explored and mastered the end to end finance process from recording up to financial reporting. Loves writing and it was such a dream come true when she joined the Southlink Newsletter team in January 2019. With her family as her inspiration, spend most of her free time with her beloved family. Favorite quote is “Decisions are made to make things happen, we are what we are because we decided to become what we are!”

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