Biyaheng South to Norte!

by Ma. Ericka Joyce C. Dungo and Patricia B. Marcelino, JULY 2021

Out for an adventure? We have prepared an itinerary for you to try. Be Cultured! Get to know more of our history by exploring these places.

First Stop, Museo De La Salle. Get a glimpse of the 19th century Philippine Ilustrado culture. Perfect for your IG Feed and Story.

Second Stop, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine

The ancestral home where Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed Philippine Independence was the place where the Philippine Flag was seen for the first time, and where the Philippine National Anthem was played.

Side Trip: Craving for something hot and cold? You can try the Original Digman Halo-Halo and Homemade Siopao famous to tourists and locals of Bacoor.

Straight ahead to SCTEX and pass by the SFEX tunnel. This is the ideal shipping gateway in Central and North Luzon. 

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Last stop, Rali’s restaurant in Subic! Experience great food with a beach view in this restaurant. You can also try and explore the beaches in Subic if you are looking for a place to relax!

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Now let’s go explore the places in the North! The first stop is the newly opened NLEX Drive and Dine Nike store. Rest, shop and dine at the biggest Nike store in the north. Located at Barrio NLEX Drive & Dine KM 17, Valenzuela City.

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For smoother travel you can use Waze/Google map then add stops following this order:

  1. Museo de La Salle
  2. Aguinaldo Shrine
  3. Digman Halo-Halo
  4. SFEX Tunnel
  5. Rali’s Restaurant
  6. NLEX Drive and Dine Nike Store

Amazing! Who would have thought that we can finish this historical trip all in one day? Imagine the possibilities, South to North travel made easy thru expressways.




About the writers:

Patricia B. Marcelino. An expression of one’s creative side. A different angle, sharing one’s point of view through words. That’s what writing is, endless possibilities.

Ma. Ericka Joyce C. Dungo. An enthusiast in creating stories by wandering the different Sights of the South. I am keen to experience and let others know what South has to offer.

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