Biyaheng South Call for Volunteers

by Ma. Ericka Joyce C. Dungo and Patricia B. Marcelino, JANUARY 2023

Biyaheng South, our digital campaign which aims to promote sights, taste, and activities in Region IV-A, particularly in areas along our CAVITEX and CALAX alignment. Through Biyaheng South, we strive to create inviting contents that will drive tourism in these areas, which in turn translates to economic progress for the region. 

This 2023, we are looking for volunteers who can be a model or photographer and videographer for Biyaheng South. Schedule is usually every Thursday of the month (and sometimes weekend) starting February 9, 2023. Shuttling services, meals and snacks will be provided.  

For shoot days happening within working hours, volunteers must sought prior approval from their immediate superior before confirming.  

If you’re interested to join, feel free to fill out this form: Waivers and further instructions will be sent to the volunteers in a separate email.  

For queries and other concerns, you may email us at




About the writer:

Ma. Ericka Joyce C. Dungo. An enthusiast for creating stories by wandering the different Sights of the South. I am keen to experience and let others know what South has to offer.

Patricia B. Marcelino. An expression of one’s creative side. A different angle, sharing one’s point of view through words. That’s what writing is, endless possibilities.

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