Bike to Work Program Launched

by Erica B. San Diego, APRIL 2022

Last April 12, 2022, MPT South launched the Bike to Work Program for our employees as part of the sustainability and health & wellness program. The program was an outcome of the study done last June 2021 on Alternative Employee Commute to Work. After six months of rigorous review and cost-benefit analysis of Fleet Management, a pilot program was approved by the MPT South Management Committee (MANCOM).

To implement the initiative, a Bike Club was formed in February 2022 with the following as MPT South Bike Club Officers:

  • President: Emil Thomas S. Vadassery, Supply Chain Management and Insurance
  • Vice President: Marvin M. Senon, Asset Management
  • Treasurer: Michael E. Custodio, Asset Management
  • PRO: Heinz R. Orais, Finance
  • Admin: Kenneth M. Villagonzalo, Supply Chain Management and Insurance

The Bike Club was responsible for setting the criteria. Only non-car plan holders are allowed to join the Bike-to-Work Program with the commitment to use the bike for 105 days in a year. If the required days are not met, the employee has to pay back the 30% cost of the bike. A total of 39 employees availed of the program. Counting of the 105 days started last April 18 using the Strava App.

The MPT South Bike Club members and MPT South Executive champions: MPT South President and GM Bobby V. Bontia, Corporate Governance and Risk Officer Atty. Cynthia G. Casino, MPT South HRAD Head Sigrid C. Shun, and VP, Asset Management Rommel P. Cenizal.




About the writer:

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