Be Kind to Your Mind

by Erica B. San Diego, SEPTEMBER 2021

Did you know that mental illness has become the third most common disability in the Philippines, wherein six million Filipinos live with depression and anxiety. Because of this, the country has the third highest rate of mental disorders in the Western Pacific (Martinez et al., 2020).

For the whole month of September, Metro Pacific Tollways South therefore focused on its employees’ mental health with the program, “Be Kind to Your Mind.” The program had four runs of Stress Buster Seminar and an hour of one-on-one consultations with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) Therapy Practitioner, Mary Margarette “MM” Pangilinan.

The series started on September 2, 9, 16, and 23, 2021 via Zoom platform. Let’s hear some of the testimonies and realizations of our MPT South employees after participating in the program.

Sharmaine D. PaglinawanHR Account ManagementMs. MM was able to achieve the goal of the seminar- to help the participants lighten up their mood by leading them to self-awareness and realizations. Videos played during the seminar strike differently than when watched randomly on social media.
Maria Miarosa E. Derriega Right-of-WayThe Seminar was very helpful and very informative. There are new information that can help me in the future when I encounter those things on what I should do to cope up and have a healthy mind.
Adda Marie L. ZaifeProject Development and Compliance ReportAs I’ve said this morning, I am truly grateful for this seminar for all the knowledge and advice given to the attendees. What I appreciate more about the program is that it is targeted for the person to have a more holistic growth. This unique event is timely for us, participants, because the current struggles during this pandemic pushes us to hide and bury our emotions wherein we all know that doing such isn’t advisable. This only shows how MPTS not only cares for its contributors but also aims to create a healthy and diverse environment.
Tamara Leigh O. BautistaDocument SystemIt’s a relief knowing that you are not the only one who experiencing anxiety and stress about situation we are having right now.
Akiko Clarysse C. MalonzoCorporate FinanceIt’s okay not to be okay. If nakaka-feel na ng stress take a pause at least 5 minutes.
Heinz Reimann D. OraisCorporate FinanceSelf-awareness is important and early recognition of stress and addressing and mitigating it is a must to avoid more serious problems or issues.
Clarence Elmer T. QuismundoContracts AdministrationI learned from the seminar, based on the signs for each level of stress that both my wife and I have not reached “depression level” yet. Although it is still a difficult struggle for us from day-to-day, I am still thankful that my mind is still sound. Hopefully we progress positively.
Anne Reneth P. ReyesCompensation and AdministrationAwareness of different types of indication ng stress, by this po aware na ako kung paano matulungan ung self ko.
Jobel L. ManansalaToll OperationsHuwag mag desisyon pag ikaw ay stress at galit, relax and calm yourself muna before making any decision.
Jettyford F. BuenoTraffic OperationsI realized that I have so many stress indicators, that also have many solutions to do away with this challenge, one is to always be positive, another is always have an attitude gratitude mindset. Thank you for this, sana makaattend ang marami. God bless.
Lorbina G. ManadongSupply Chain ManagementDeal with stress properly and don’t let it consume you. Be grateful for everything everyday!!
Rea Joy K. FloresToll OperationsWe should always have a grateful heart so we can handle stress better.
Christopher R. DunqueProject ManagementIt’s good to be cool all the time and be happy contented and thankful.
Andrew E. DimaanoCorporate FinanceBy being more grateful, you become more aware of your blessings that you may have taken for granted or ignored. Count your blessings instead of sheep.
Princess Joy R. RamosContracts AdministrationI realized that I am so blessed and there’s a lot of things that I should be thankful for. All I must do is to be grateful, appreciate everything, and always focus on the good. Always find time to confide, unload and pray to God because He is the One who will always listen, help, instruct, and protect. He will never leave us nor forsake us. It is how we handle/react in everything/situations that make us stressed.
Rojean B. BaledaDocument SystemPray and have faith always and stay away from negative thoughts and people to have a happy and less stressful life 🙂
Analyn C. CutamoraLegalThat stress can affect your body, your thoughts and feelings, and your behavior. Stress that’s left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.
Lulu G. CanlasCompensation and AdministrationUltimate balance your life with time work and relationship with your love ones to avoid heavy stress.
Rosaly T. NavalleContracts AdministrationMy realization with sharing with others/colleagues can enlightened us hearing how to adapt their situation during this time. Am very grateful that my family situation is in good hands so far, thanking God for that. Just keep moving on towards our challenges in life. Stand still our God is bigger than with these pandemics. Thank you.


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