Bayani Ka 2021

by Leslie Ann C. Saulog, JANUARY 2021

“The public safety requires a collaboration between law enforcement and the community.”

Betsy Hodges, former Mayor of Mineapolis

Our expressways are made to provide fast and safe transportation to every motorist. Our communities are our partners in keeping our expressways safe. Yes, communities and their people are our partners, but are they aware of their part? To address such concerns, MPTS, through its CSR project named Bayani Ka, which means Bayani ng Kalsada is defined to impart knowledge to everyone on how we can maintain a safe expressway by simply abiding by the rules of the Limited Access Facility Act. Bayani Ka is one of the enviro-safe programs of Metro Pacific Tollways South to address social issues. It was conceptualized to promote road safety and reach out to key stakeholders, educating them to develop a habit of practicing safety. It also aims to reduce and prevent RA 2000 violations on MPT South expressways (CAVITEX, C5, and CALAX).

For this year, Bayani Ka is set to be launched by March. It targets to tap Local Government Units within our expressway’s jurisdiction. Each LGU will be invited to enjoin their Public Information Office members as well as their General Services Office so they become aware of how it is to be part of the Bayani Ka community.

Bayani Ka will be a short video tackling the do’s and don’t of the expressways. It will tackle vandalism, the presence of stray animals inside the expressways, the throwing of garbage, property damage, theft, unauthorized access, illegal passage, and the like. It is a form of Information and Education Campaign for the company’s stakeholders. From the LGUs to local barangays and their constituents, to schools and their students later.

MPT South is gearing towards safer and cleaner expressways in the following years. And it is with high hopes that this project, Bayani ng Kalsada, will prosper with everyone working hand in hand.




About the writer:

Leslie Ann C. Saulog. An encouraged contributor living in the province of Cavite. Okay verbally when telling a story, but writing an article is a different one. Learning and still digging out the writer in me.

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