Aurora Blooms on Valentine’s Day! 

by Margie S. Danes, JANUARY 2023

The first time I met this new entrepreneur from MPT South, she looked simple and her beauty so alluring- that she practically looked as if she’s blooming, like flowers! So I asked her what her secret might be, and she replied – flowers, flowers made her extra sweeter and fresher. More than that, she had managed to turn this passion for floral blooms into a business venture.  

It really is a remarkable feat and feeling for those who are lucky enough to start a business that is aligned with their interest.  

For those of you who loves flowers, or wants to make someone feel special with them, time to get to know our Southrepreneur of the month, Ms. Jana F. Polea, our Business Partner Specialist from Human Resource Department who has been with us for almost a year now. 

Jana’s business journey is an interesting read. She had loved flowers since high school. Little did she know then this could be converted to a passive income. After being inspired by a friend who also owns a flower business in Cavite, with the support of her friends and doting husband, she took courage and started her own shup and called it ‘Aurora Blooms’ last November 2022.  

So what’s in a name? The “The name came from the idea of “dawn”, which signifies beginning. And I strongly believe that Aurora Blooms is the start of more opportunities for me where I can express and share my creativity,” Ms. Jana explained. 

Yes! You will surely fall in love with her arrangements! In time for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, Ms. Jana offers flower arrangements in bouquets and vases. Her works of art and designs are simply amazing, unique, and creative.She also offers wedding churches and bridal bouquets. She does customization based on her clients’ requests. What makes it more impressive? All her works are made from dried, preserved, or artificial flowers, which improves since it will last a long time. If you are looking for light, and bright flowers, then her creation is perfect for you! 

Her business is doing great! In fact, she has been receiving a lot of pre-orders this upcoming Love month – one of the peak seasons for flower demand. She plans to expand it soon. She is engaged to train people and create her own team for her to accept big wedding gigs and cater interior flower decorations as well. She really exhibits love for flowers! 

Ms. Jana ended her story with a short message to co-workers of MPTSouth, “Hi MPT South Employees! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Aurora Blooms Studio will extend its offer of a Php 200 off on our valentine’s collection if you make your pre-order on or before February 3, 2023. Let us warm the hearts of your special someone with the gesture of giving. 😊 And if you have a business in mind, do not be afraid of beginnings as it will humble you all throughout your journey. 😊“ 

What are we waiting for ka-MPTSouth! Let us fall in love again with Aurora Blooms Studio! 




About the writer:

Margie S. Danes. A Certified Public Accountant with extensive 14 years of experience in the field of Accounting. She explored and mastered the end-to-end finance process from recording up to financial reporting. She loves writing and it was such a dream come true when she joined the Southlink Newsletter team in January 2019 where her first article was published. Her family is her inspiration and she spends most of her free time with her beloved family. Her favorite quote is “Decisions are made to make things happen, we are what we are because we decided to become what we are!”

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