Asset Cares: Behind the Scenes

by Dhale Angelo D. Santos and Nigel Q. Lutao, DECEMBER 2022

The Asset Management Department (AMD) boasts plenty of capable and hardworking individuals to maintain its numerous facilities, equipment, and even landscape foliage. Almost all things that we use or come across from our offices to our expressways are consistently taken care of by our dedicated asset management team. This article hopes to commemorate and highlight the group of in-house technicians we have that maintains the vital assets needed for the operation of our expressways and the facilities that allow us to keep working efficiently without needing to worry about regularly used equipment and other quality-of-life items in the office.  

This group involves mechanical, electrical, and civil engineers that continuously maintain all our assets in expressways and offices in CALAX, Cavitex, C5 Link, and MPT South Hub. They all work simultaneously not only to manage the manpower for regular maintenance for all vertical and facilities assets but also the formulation of solutions for daily problems in need of immediate action. Solving these issues can only be done with their whole team working together tirelessly day and night to immediately rectify problems that are vital for our day-to-day operations. The following images and short descriptions show some of AMD’s works that will hopefully better familiarize us with the team who keeps our company running smoothly.  

These pictures show AMD technicians conducting restoration works of stolen electrical cables for roadway lighting. In this picture also are the SAVVICE technicians who give assistance on traffic management and the utilization of basket trucks. Roadway lighting is considered one of the most essential parts of an expressway that provides safety and security for motorists. 

In these pictures, you can see some of the other works that AMD is doing routinely. These are to maintain the quality of every inch of all our company’s assets.  

These are the important tasks of the AMD Team and we are proud to play a part in serving our customers and exhibiting I-CARE through caring for our facilities. 




About the writer:

Dhale Angelo D. Santos. A licensed Electrical Engineer who discovered writing as his unveiled passion to share his engineering skills and knowledge in a creative way.

Nigel Q. Lutao. Always balancing a firm view of reality with a hint of carefree idealism, I constantly try to convey the harsh truths while reaffirming the hope of a kinder and brighter future.