Another Way for a Contactless Tollway Experience

by Celina Joyce D. Lazaro, JANUARY 2021

When buying an Easytrip RFID, it comes with a sticker tag and a card with your account number displayed on its front part. Have you ever wondered what is this card for? This card has a technology of contactless smart cards which is widely used in applications that need to protect personal information and deliver fast, secure transactions such as fare payment cards. Contactless smart cards can securely manage, store and provide access to the data on the card. This contactless smart card needs to interact with a contactless smart card reader to process the data encoded in the smart card. Contactless interface provides users with the convenience of allowing the contactless card to be read at short distances with the fast transfer of data.

How do contactless smart cards work?

Contactless smart cards are similarly related to the contact smart card systems. Like contact smart card systems, contactless smart cards need a contactless smart card reader. The contactless smart card reader will read the information and data encoded on the chip embedded within the contactless smart card. However, unlike the contact smart card, the contactless smart card can be read at a short distance since the data exchanged between the card and the reader are achieved without the use of contacts, it is because of the electromagnetic fields that power the card to exchange data with the reader.

Our expressways are capable of reading and processing this Easytrip contactless smart card. Aside from reloading, Easytrip cards are capable of paying your transaction in the lane whenever your RFID sticker tag is not read by the RFID antenna. 

How CSC reader helps the motorist?

Some issue encountered by the motorists includes the unreadable RFID sticker tag during a passage in the toll gate. The most common reason for an unreadable RFID tag is a damaged sticker tag. When an unreadable sticker or no tag was detected by the system, the motorists can tap their card in the CSC reader located beside the Lane Computer System. Instead of reversing back and forth in the lane, the motorist can easily tap their Easytrip contactless smart card to the contactless smart card reader when their RFID sticker tag was not read. In this case, they can use contactless smart card technology in paying their toll fee in the expressways. 

Your Easytrip contactless smart card is like an e-wallet. Take your card with caution and always bring your Easytrip contactless smart card during your passage in expressways. This is one method to pay your toll fee with ease. The tap-to-pay technology is also a reliable and secure form of payment. The chip technology protects you against fraudulent purchases through encryption and dynamic data technologies.


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