All I Want for Christmas and Why

by Lulu G. Canlas, DECEMBER 2021

The song, “All I want for Christmas is you” has charted every single holiday season since its release on November 1, 1994. This means 2021 marked the fourth straight decade that the song was a number one hit! It’s perhaps the most popular Christmas song, aside from Jose Mari Chan’s “Christmas in our Hearts” and marks season that Christmas is around the corner for many Filipinos.

But what makes the song so popular? Aside from the song being simple, it is about love and the desire for a certain unattainable day. We, therefore, asked MPT South employees what they want for Christmas, and here are the top answers.

  1. Peace of Mind, Heart; and from Stress or COVID-19
Nikko R. AtienzaTechnologyPeace of Mind, para hindi na stressed everyday hahaha
Richard R. PagariganTechnologyFreedom from operational issues at least until the holidays are over. Baka mawalan na ako ng trabaho kung i-wi-wish ko pa na forever.
Chemelie C. AndamonTollways Development & EngineeringPeaceful heart and mind, not only for this Christmas but every day
Heinz Reimann R. OraisFinanceHealth, Wealth, and Peace of Mind ……….. and World Peace! 🙂
Hernany L. MarfilSupply Chain ManagementLove, peace & prosperity
Arnold A. BabistaOperations ManagementPeace on Earth and Sana wala ng Covid.
Arlynn B. PapioOperations ManagementAll I want for Christmas is happiness, peace, and safety for everyone.
Arnel NatividadOperations ManagementPeace of mind and heart. And also good health for my family.

2. To be with Family

Danilo R. IgnacioTollways Development & EngineeringAll I want for Christmas is to be with my family, enjoying the traditional Noche Buena.
Dennis A. de LunaTollways Development & EngineeringFamily reunion because family is life.
Bubot V. SuetaTollways Development & EngineeringMore time with family
Abegail C. GanTollways Development & EngineeringAll I want for Christmas is to be together with my whole family. Unfortunately because of the pandemic, my sister from California can’t go back home to PH.
Zandro V. BustilloOperations ManagementTime for Family. Due to work schedule, Celebrating Christmas with my family is impossible.
Carina G. AlbarTechnology ManagementA peaceful, healthy & complete family & loved ones. Because I love my family sila ang buhay ko 🙂

3. Christmas Bonus

Marvin M. SenonTollways Development & EngineeringHave a bonus to make our Christmas more merrier.
Pitz Jepter C. RodilTechnology ManagementB O N U S, masaya ang lahat kapag may natatangap na ganito! 🎉🎊🎁
Arnel NatividadOperations ManagementChristmas Bonus. Baka lang po magkatotoo. 😁
Ramiel V. IglesiasOperations ManagementChristmas Bonus of course. Extra breathing room during our dire times.
Keith Nickcole J. TolentinoFinanceBonus because all we need is money. Hahaha…




About the writer:

Lulu G. Canlas. A kindhearted individual who helps others express their feelings, shake off their burden through the power of writing and expressing their thought.

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