Adjusting Efforts Innovatively: QESH

by Rachelle Anne U. Lee, APRIL 2021

COVID-19 changed our everyday lives in so many ways, and our organization is not excused. Health and safety have been a top priority for everyone. In our organization, the QESH department plays a vital role in this. Not only do they have to think of ways how to keep the company safe but also thinking of new innovative ways to improve and help our employee’s safety. Let’s watch and hear their stories on how this pandemic made them adjust their efforts innovatively.




About the writer:

Rachelle Anne U. Lee. One of the HR Specialist from Human Resource and Admin Division. Although writing is not her forte, she enjoys sharing and creating stories through video vlogs. She has her own YouTube channel which showcases her talent in video editing and camera works. Southlink opened a great opportunity for her by capturing stories of people from MPTSouth through the camera lens and sharing her interest in multimedia arts.

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