Able and Available

by Clarence Elmer T. Quismundo, JUNE 2021

The word EXCELLENCE is a challenge for most of us. It is a challenge for everyone. Admittedly, no one is perfect and the term “excellence” is as close to perfection as you can get. It means you are consistently outstanding and extremely good over an extended period. Scientifically speaking, it means you are better than most people at any given time.

In the world of Sports, one particular name comes to mind. LEBRON JAMES. No, I don’t think he has overtaken Michael Jordan as the Greatest of All Time (GOAT). At least not yet because his story is not yet complete, but he’s getting near. Consider these accomplishments:

  • 4-time NBA Champion
  • 4-time Finals MVP, currently 2nd oldest to win the award
  • 4-time Season MVP, and perennial candidate for almost 2 decades
  • 17-time All-Star and counting, with multiple captain duties
  • 3-time All-Star MVP
  • 16-time All-NBA Team
  • 6-time All-Defensive Team
  • All-time Play-off Leading Scorer and Playoff Games Played
  • No.3 All-time NBA Scorer, and on-track to be No.1 in 2 years
  • Only NBA player to be Finals MVP on 3 different teams
  • One of only 2 NBA Players to be Finals MVP on both East and West Conference
  • Former NBA Rookie of the Year, Scoring Champion, and Assists Leader
  • 17 Consecutive Seasons with a 25-point scoring average (best all-time)
  • 1,036 Consecutive games of double-digit scoring (best all-time)

The list shows a pattern of long-term consistency of outstanding performance. Sports pundits have various opinions and theories on this: God-given talents, exceptional physical and athletic build, diet, high cost of maintenance, performance-enhancing drugs (duh). But no one can explain how he was able to maintain such a level of excellence for so long. Most people suffer from a lack of discipline and waste away such talents, but not him. He has always been ready, and that is his best quality. He has always been available, even when hurt or injured if the team needs him. His best ability is AVAILABILITY.

Unfortunately, he was not able to finish on a high note this year due to serious injuries to him and other key players but he was performing at MVP Level before the injury. In his 18th season, he was the favorite to be the MVP (oldest in history) before the injury. At an advanced age, even if he is no longer in his peak prime, he is still performing better than most players.

So what is his formula for Excellence? If it is Ability alone, the answer is no. You might possess the best talent but it is nothing if you are not making yourself available. Is it Availability then? Again, no. You might be available but you can only reach as far as your talent takes you, or even less. The answer is both because they are inseparable. You must possess the ability (or acquire it thru discipline and continuous training), and you must always be available (commitment). We must be both ABLE and AVAILABLE.




About the writer:

Clarence Elmer T. Quismundo. Clarence has been with MPT South for six years as head of Contracts Administration. He’s usually mild mannered like Clark Kent, often choosing to express himself thru words. He reads and surfs the net in his spare time while writing occasionally in a wide variety of topics.

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