A Memorable FUNdemic 2021

by Rachelle Anne U. Lee, DECEMBER 2021

For many, 2021 was the year we hoped to fully recover from the threats of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, we still faced the threats of COVID-19 variants and their surges. Thus, continuing to affect lives around the world. For MPT South employees, December 7, was the one day they came together to release the pressure and celebrate the year 2021 with the theme, FUNdemic.


In spite of still being in virtual format, the MPT South party was in full energy, laughter, and play.

(L-R) DJ Rico Panyero of Yes the Best Manila 101.1 and DJ Raqi Tera of 90.7 Love Radio.

The Management Committee Council (MCC) broke the ice with their playful dance of Madonna’s song, Holiday.

Continuing the tradition of being ‘alay‘ or sacrifice, new employees sang and danced to the popular Christmas songs.


According to Collins English Dictionary, demic is defined as “characteristic of or pertaining to a people or population.” By nature, MPT South employees find ways to come together to put their troubles down and make things better.

Messages of resilience and hope from our Metro Pacific Tollways executives.

Creative and wonderful entries from the individual and group Dress-up Faceshield photo contest!

In the absence of seeing each other face-to-face, a “Juan’s of MPT South” video was also included in the program as one of the highlights. Different locations featured employees working safe and sound in their respective work locations.

With more than 6,000 Facebook live comments during the party, employees of MPT South surely know how to have a good time.

Hang in there Ka-MPT South, we will party soon face to face! Stay safe!




About the writer:

Rachelle Anne U. Lee. One of the HR Specialist from Human Resource and Admin Division. Although writing is not her forte, she enjoys sharing and creating stories through video vlogs. She has her own YouTube channel which showcases her talent in video editing and camera works. Southlink opened a great opportunity for her by capturing stories of people from MPTSouth through the camera lens and sharing her interest in multimedia arts.

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