A Masterpiece Unfolding: The Brief History of Cavitex

by Marycon Anne C. Boston, SEPTEMBER 2021

In every masterpiece lies a story of humble beginnings, commitment, and dedication. As I embark on an exciting journey in the company, I look back with pride to the remarkable milestones of the Cavitex Infrastructure Corporation as it strives to serve the Filipino people. What the company hurdled through the years is worth remembering and celebrating to inculcate in us the values and character of a true CIC employee.

Back in the late 1950s, an American City Planner named Daniel Burham envisioned a straight linear road from Manila to Cavite. This paved the way to Manila-Cavite Coastal Road Reclamation Project, a 6.6 km, 4 lane asphalt reclaimed road from Paranaque and Las Pinas to Bacoor that was completed 1985 (now known as the R1 Expressway).

After almost a decade, President Fidel V Ramos and the Philippine Estates Authority made partnership with the Malaysian Group of Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA and RENONG) for a joint venture project- the Manila-Cavite Toll Expressway. The groundbreaking took place in 1995 extending Kawit to Noveleta. A year after, the Public Estates Authority Tollway Corporation, subsidiary of Philippine Reclamation Authority (formerly PEA) was formed to be the forefront in the operation and maintenance of expressways. Formerly UEM-MARA, now known as the Cavitex Infrastructure Corporation, MVP Group of Companies has invested to the said project in 2013.

At present, the Manila Cavite Toll Expressway Project is composed of five segments. Segment 1 or the R1 Expressway is situated along the Airport Road to Zapote, Bacoor while Segment 4, the Cavitex R1 Extension ranges from Longos, Zapote to the Kawit. Meanwhile, the Cavitex C5 Link Expressway is currently under construction and the Segment 5, an extension to Noveleta is still something to look forward to in the future.  

Through the years, Cavitex Infrastructure Corporation remains committed to serve the Filipino people by building vital infrastructure to provide ultimate mobility experience and sustainable projects to the communities. With the core values and governance principles deeply embedded in their hearts, CIC employees continue to deliver positive changes and achieve the company’s goals.




About the writer:

Marycon Anne C. Boston. Con is a Psychology-Management graduate, a former Instructor and Researcher. She loves to play sports, travel alone and watch Studio Ghibli films. As a Stakeholder Specialist, she continues to be passionate in community engagements.

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