6 Reasons to Implement Quality Management System

by Leziel G. Bandiola, FEBRUARY 2022

For an organization to be truly successful it needs to be managed in a systematic and transparent manner across a wide range of disciplines.

A management system essentially provides a structured framework around which people can operate for the organization to achieve its desired outcomes in an effective and efficient manner.

ISO standards bring technological, economic, and societal benefits. They are strategic tools and guidelines to help companies tackle some of the most demanding challenges of modern business. And one of the standards under the umbrella of ISO Standard is QUALITY. Quality Management System (QMS) is the management system that addresses the quality aspect of a company’s processes, products, and services. The QMS provides a formalized structure for ensuring that quality issues are addressed and met.

Here are six reasons for an organization that will implement Quality Management System.

By implementing QMS, the organization is better equipped to manage quality-related risks and will benefit from:

  1. Achieving its business strategy and goals
  2. Realizing the outputs, outcomes, or results of the whole organization
  3. Optimize use of its resources
  4. Provide value to all relevant interested parties
  5. Continual Improvement
  6. Means of managing the cost of quality

When we look at what ISO’s mission is with respect to Quality Management Systems, it is to ensure that it is much more than just certification but to really help organizations to achieve long-term success.

Quality is the responsibilit of all levels in the organization.





About the writers:

Leziel G. Bandiola. On the job with ISO 9001 Quality Management System for more than five years and counting. Since I transferred here in MPTS I have been exposed to Environment, Safety and Health. I have been with the newsletter team for more than a year now, a lot of lesson was learned and more exciting facts to unveiled as I work with this growing team.<3