2nd Convo sa MPT South for 2023

by Jennifer A. Cornelio, MARCH 2023

The 2nd Convo sa MPT South for 2023 was held last 16 March 2023 with selected participants from the Finance and the SCMI Divisions. They were joined by the Management Team composed of Mr. Raul Ignacio, President and General Manager; Ms Bing Rumawak, Vice President for Finance; Mr. Andrew Dimaano, Assistant Vice President for Supply Chain Management; and Atty. Joy Orig, Vice President for Legal Services.

Everyone got to share their favorite go-to songs and these were collated in a Spotify Playlist (see QR code and/or link). Estudyante Blues, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, and the Bee Gees’ How Deep Is Your Love were among the songs that stood out.

The participants were also able to witness the MPT South’s “walking calculators”. From 2-digit to 5-digit figures, they were able to perform mathematical equations without using paper or calculator.

The purpose of this HR program is for the leaders and the employees to be able to build relationship and trust, which are both essential in achieving and contributing to the company’s business goals. Participants asked questions about the ManCom’s weekend activities, and also inquired about tips on managing finances and the importance of having your own money, places to travel, and advice on their relationships with their spouses and/or partners.

The second Convo sa MPT South was exceptional and, according to feedback from participants, it was for them a nice break from their usual daily work activities. They were glad to be able to spend personal time with the Management and feel inspired and motivated.




About the writer:

Jennifer A. Cornelio. HR Business Partner Lead and a certified Tita.