To meet the needs of these changing times, MPT South must reexamine and improve our ways. Our business direction toward increased sustainability drives us forward to innovate and enhance the welfare of communities and the environment. This year, we want to showcase the efforts of the men and women of CAVITEX and CALAX who have painstakingly worked to find new and better ways forward for people, progress, and the planet.

January 2023 – LEED Gold Certification
February 2023 – Love Pets, Save Lives
March 2023 – Bike to Work
April 2023 – Medical Mission
May 2023 – Drayberks
June 2023 – Coastal Cleanup
July 2023 – Greening of CALAX
August 2023 – Brigada Eskwela
September 2023 – Biyaheng South
October 2023 – Tree Planting Activities
November 2023 – Solar-powered Toll Plazas
December 2023 – E-Vehicles

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