Rewards and Recognition

Excellence: Charisse S. Alfaro

Nominated by Christine Z. De Guzman, Planning Assistant Manager

Awardee: Charisse S. Alfaro, Design Senior Engineer

For the past year, Char worked hard for the LEED Certification of MPTS Hub and Hive. Most of the time, she worked on it with AVP, Tollways Development Support Lito V. Haleco even on weekends and holidays to ensure she’s on top of everything.

She worked collaboratively, together with Consultants and Contractors to make sure they don’t miss out on anything and delivered on time. She closely monitors their deliverables and at times, puts extra effort to see for herself if the concerned parties really delivered. She worked on it with enthusiasm and grace as she knows this will be a milestone for the whole company.

Last January, all her hard work paid off as MPT South Hub secured the LEED Certification, and not just at the bare minimum but we were certified GOLD. This was recently celebrated thru the Awarding Ceremony last March 24, 2022, with MVP being the first milestone within the MVP group.

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  1. This is great, Cha really deserve this recognition even earlier on. And thank you to Kit for initiating the nomination of Cha.


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