Rewards and Recognition

Customer Focus: Novie A. Atim

Nominated by Carousiel D. Limon, Contracts Management and Accreditation Assistant Manager

Awardee: Novie A. Atim, Contracts Management and Accreditation Associate

Novie was able to demonstrate the highest form of Customer Service for two consecutive years. During 2020 and latest from 2021 SCM Customer Survey results covering Q1 – Q4, with a perfect score of 100%. The said survey was emailed to MPT South All targeting our internal customers and encouraging them to answer the said survey so we could address any issues and have immediate solutions for the best interest of the company considering our organization’s objective.

Aside from that, since MPT South has extensive experience in terms of Accreditation, when it is CCLEC’s turn as GPAS coordinator for our third-party accreditation, during the last Q of 2021, she initiated to offer assistance to our CCLEC SCM Team, Mr. Ejie Pajantoy, in terms of coordination, monitoring the status of other on-going accreditation documents from GPAS and taking the lead in Virtual Site Visit of the MPTC Accreditation team, since MPT South launched this process last June 2020 as part of our back -up plan in auditing and evaluating the warehouse or premises of concerned contractors or major providers during Covid 19 Pandemic lockdown . This was also the first-ever remarkable experience of the MPTC Accreditation Team of the foregoing (Virtual Site VIsit). The team also agreed to benchmark with us – MPT South Accreditation – Virtual Site Visit Process.

Aside from the fact that it is also the time of ERP Oracle testing scenarios, she’s still able to handle the situation and has positive comments from our internal process owners.

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