2022 Second Quarter Lead Talk

by Rachelle Lee, MAY 2022

LEA M. WONG, Senior Vice President- HRAD

The Q2 LEAD Talks for the year 2022 took place last June 21, it is no other than the head of MPTC Human Resource and Admin, Ms. Lea M. Wong or Ms. LMW. This is the second face-to-face LEAD Talks since the pandemic situation became relaxed.  Ms. Lea answered all of the questions full of enthusiasm. She proved that there’s always fun along with the challenges of being one of the woman leaders of MPTC. Her stories became a fun avenue for engagement, sharing her success stories up to the personal notes. In addition, she also shared inspirational advice. 

With majority of the participants attending for the first time, all shared their takeaways of what have they learned during the talks. Here are the photos from the program.



About the writer:

Rachelle Ann U. Lee. A multi-talented HR Business Partner Senior Associate of Operations and Communication Stakeholder Management. She also leads the Employee Engagement initiatives.

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