2022 MPTC Key Strategies Made Crystal Clear

by Sigrid C. Shun, AUGUST 2021

August 26-27, 2021 – MPT South recently hosted the 2021 Build-As-One (BAO) Conference at its new home, MPT South Hub, Imus, Cavite, the designated Broadcast Center of the event.

MPTC President and CEO Rod E. Franco opening the conference.

A total of 176 guests and MPTC employees from across all of the business units (BUs) tuned into the Zoom broadcast watching comfortably from their respective offices or homes.

The highlight of the event were the speakers. Described by the participants as:

Aside from great speakers, four workshops were incorporated with the main objective of: INFORMING, INSPIRING, and INVOLVING. The workshops helped participants process the groups strategies and BU priorities.

Leading the transformation of the group, is MPTC President and CEO Rod E. Franco (REF) who presented MPTC’s 2022 Key Strategies and Priorities gleaned from 30 hours of grueling focus group discussions with senior management across the business units.

“Now is the time for transformation.”

MPTC President and CEO Rod E. Franco

How do we get to a sustainable MPTC despite the uncertainties? REF presented how we will get to this by showing the compass for 2022, or in other words, MPTC’s circle of life. The six pillars are:

  1. People and Culture
  2. Financial Stability
  3. Strengthen Core Business
  4. Elevate Customer Experience
  5. Digital Foundation
  6. Mobility Ecosystem and Business Diversification

In the outermost circle are the non-negotiables that must be maintained when we pursue the six pillars. These are:

  • Sustainability
  • Planning and Performance
  • Health and Safety
  • Data and Infosec
MPTC President and CEO Rod E. Franco showcasing MPTC’s 2022 Key Strategic Pillars.

In getting the commitment of the participants, REF emphasized that, “transformation begins with us, with you, with me, all of us.”



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