2022 Fourth Quarter Lead Talk

by Jana Polea, DECEMBER 2022

Last December 6, 2022, identified employees of MPT South who made positive impacts on their divisions and departments were invited to the Quarter 4 Lead Talks 2022. And the Lead Speaker was the Vice President and Business Transformation Head, Ms. Riza B. Latorre.

The started with opening remarks from the HRAD Senior Vice President, Ms. Lea M. Wong who extended her appreciation to the employees present at the event. This was followed with an ice breaker which was called “The Prioritization Activity,” where participants were grouped to accomplish a list of tasks. The activity challenged their minds and required them to initiate strategies that will make their team win the game. Even though the participants came from different departments and divisions, they were able to work together on finishing as many tasks as they can.

In line with the icebreaker, the topic of our Lead Speaker was titled, “What matters most?” which made our participants highly engaged all throughout her talk. She was able to share myths of productivity that the participants find to relate to the various examples that were provided. Ms. Rizza also gave discussed how we can be efficient and productive. She also shared relatable stories of her experience at work and in her personal life. She openly answered the personal questions raised by our participants that left a lot of learning and “aha” moments for our employees.

The event ended with the awarding ceremony where our employees get to receive tokens of appreciation.

Our Lead Speaker, Ms. Rizza, also received a certificate and token of appreciation for participating and accepting our invitation to the Lead Talks Quarter 4.



About the writer:

Jana F. Polea. An HR Business Partner Specialist of Operations and Communication Stakeholder Management.