Rewards and Recognition

Excellence: Allen Paolo M. Estor

Nominated by Alondra R. Matandag and Jacklyn G. Hernando, Right-of-Way Associate

Awardee: Allen Paolo M. Estor, Right-of-Way Specialist

Allen is familiar with almost all of the tasks in the right-of-way and performs excellently in every task assigned to him. He is also always available to assist and support the team with fieldwork and documentation. He provides time to help the group even though sometimes, he has a lot of things to do.

Sometimes when the team has questions, especially on the technical things, he is accommodating and explains things thoroughly for the team to gain knowledge not just to contribute to the workplace but also for the individual growth as professionals.

He contributed a lot to the right-of-way team and he also inspired the team on how a great leader and employee should be. He always gives his best in the projects.

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