Rewards and Recognition

Innovation: Maria Miarosa E. Derriega

Nominated by Rebecca Olivia S. Dimasacat, Right-of-Way Manager

Awardee: Maria Miarosa E. Derriega, Right-of-Way Associate

Mia showed her innovative skills by way of creating a system for tracking multiple monitoring and log sheets of the whole Right-of-Way (ROW) Team who were all based in different locations per project.

It was a very noticeable process improvement across the different ROW teams when Mia completed her project. On her own initiative, Mia prepared all the necessary data, software (available in Microsoft) which she fully maximized for the benefit of the team. From the Request, Processing, and Approval, Mia came up with a system that is easy to use, track, and monitor. She even conducted multiple cascades with the ROW team to ensure that everyone can follow and ensure smooth implementation.

From the time ROW team started using these monitoring and log sheets, everyone noticed that we have improved in terms of turnaround time, report preparation, and clearer internal process.

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