Rewards and Recognition

Excellence: Horizontal Asset Management Team

Nominated by Reymond M. Pangilinan, Horizontal Asset Assistant Manager

Awardee: Horizontal Asset Management Team

  • Carl Jaser C. Saclolo, Roadway Engineer
  • Lexter Strike S. Ibasco, Bridges and Interchanges Engineer
  • Mark Anthony B. Orian, Roadway Furniture Engineer

Aside from their usual task of inspections, monitoring of maintenance activities, assistance to Traffic Operations, and implementation of Enhancement Projects, they are able to give traffic management assistance to Contractor and other Service Provider. Through this we earned an extra income amounting to Php 920,624.20 from January to June 2021.

Our goal is achieving operational efficiency in all our expressways. By providing standard lane closures not just in maintenance activities, traffic incidents, but also civil works by contractors or service providers, the Company is not just earning extra but also ensures the safety of our motorists and our partners. Mainly CJ S. Salazar, with the help of Mark B. Orian and Lexter S. Ibasco, traffic management assistance to Contractors and Service Providers are being strictly monitored on top of their usual task and responsibilities.

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