Rewards and Recognition

Excellence: Central Warehouse Team

Nominated by Atty. Cynthia G. Casino, VP for Supply Chain and Risk Management

Awardee: Central Warehouse Team

  • Hernany L. Marfil, Central Warehouse Senior Associate
  • Norielle A. Pantoja, Central Warehouse Senior Associate
  • Kenneth M. Villagonzalo, Central Warehouse Associate

This is regarding the contributions of the warehouse team in ensuring that furniture at the MPT South Hub are delivered on time to meet the move in of MPT South Employees by February 22, 2021 and prior to the expiration of the Contracts of Lease for the Rufino Office and the Imus Training Center Office.

By way of background, the responsibility of warehouse is to ensure timely delivery and accurate receipt of quantity, specification, and quality of goods, along with inventory management.
The delivery of Hub furniture commenced on January 15 of 2021. Actually, deliveries consisted not only of furniture but also of workspace partitions. It is safe to say that over a period of four (4) weeks, Norie, Nhanny and Ken were handling and accounting for deliveries of more than 1000 pieces of furniture and partitions.

Deliveries extended until late in the evenings, including on weekends. While this may appear to be in the ordinary course of warehouse operations, the truth though was that Norie, Nhanny and Ken were also overseeing and coordinating the assembly, installation and distribution of the furniture to the various divisions, departments and offices, making sure that these were properly laid out in accordance with floor plans. Any concerns regarding cabling, adjustments in workspaces, they elevated to the MPT South Hub Project Manager, contractor, NetPac, and IT. They also suggested improvements in the lay out of the cabling and workstations to ensure that affected employees would have more comfortable work areas.

The foregoing were beyond what was called for as far as WH responsibilities were concerned, but the team took it upon themselves to undertake these tasks themselves because of the absence of the Interior Design Consultant and their staff and process owner of this undertaking, and the short lead time to move into the Hub. In the end, those working on the move-in and other employees had the impression that it is the responsibility of Warehouse to resolve concerns about workstations and work areas. In fact, recently the request of Revenue Assurance to relocate to the third floor Finance area from the second floor was referred to by the PM of MPT South Hub and Engineering Support.

To this day, the warehouse team is still overseeing residual deliveries, coordinating the completion of pending furniture installation works, distribution and assignment of furniture.
Teamwork is defined as the combined efforts from a group of people to achieve a common goal. Through constant communication, the warehouse team were able to create numerous opportunities to various departments to help them execute their responsibilities. Each member of the warehouse team were assigned with distinct and separate task that is contributory to the scheduled moving-in at the Hub. Completing the scheduled tasks in an efficient and swiftly manner, the first batch of transferees were able to proceed, and as well as the next batches in succession. Consequently, since WH team was also assigned to overlook the furniture installation, the team were able to make vital and economic decisions to avoid potential delays such as matter concerning to layouts and room adjustments. Finally, support is the crucial trait that the warehouse team was able to realize and exercise. Without this, combined with the continuous trust with each other and from other departments, the completion of moving-in will not be possible.

Apart from the completion of the building, there were two requirements that were critical to the move into the Hub, namely, furniture/work stations and wi-fi and network connection.

The warehouse team sacrificed their weekends and worked beyond regular working hours, and scope of responsibilities to ensure that the move-in would be in-sync with the agreed date, and that the employees assigned at the Hub would have work conducive work areas.

By aggressively pushing for the delivery and installation of furniture and partitions, MPTSouth was able to move in at the agreed date saving the company from having to extend the lease arrangements of Rufino and Imus offices which were expiring Mid-March and end March, respectively. More importantly, by contributing to the timely move in, the WH team also ensured the move in of employees whose offices were situated in hazardous and unsafe areas, i.e. 3A-2 and Segment 2 construction staging area in the PEATC compound in Paranaque City.

The project is in parallel with the regular activities that are performed by the warehouse, as of this moment the team is still in coordination with the suppliers of furniture regarding the fulfillment of installation and relocation of other furniture as well as the accommodation of MPTC to the MPTSouth Hub.

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