Rewards and Recognition

Teamwork: CAVITEX and CALAX-CAVITE Right-of-Way Projects

Nominated by Joeven D. Caponpon, Right-of-Way Supervisor

Awardee: Kate N. Lajum, Negotiation and Documentation; Kayce Ann E. Reyes, Technical Associate; Jilliane Cyril F. Bravo, Expropriation Support

Last August 2020, we have decided to form a Team of three ladies in the person of Kate Lajum, Jillian Bravo and Kayce Reyes to focus on the processing of the advances and reimbursements between CIC/MPCALA and DPWH.

In eight months of being in the team I can see the commitments of these three ladies, from ensuring the completeness of documents to ensure that we avoid issues and concerns on actual reimbursements. They strengthen their coordination and communication skills together with DPWH partners, our Legal Division and Finance Division to ensure capturing of end to end process from preparation of documents up to actual check payments release.

Their contribution to the project was so important because we cannot acquire site possessions of the property without any compensation made to the owner. They are also great in managing their time and consistent in delivering their works that even portions of their Saturdays, Sundays and Holiday is spent for works just to deliver outputs contributing to the success of the company.

Advances and Reimbursement Agreement (ARA) is intended to expedite our negotiation with the affected claimants by processing check payments thru our internal process and procedures. This mechanism helps us and our partner agency to easily negotiate and obtained Permit to Enter from the claimants. This process likewise helps us obtain the Writ of Possession from the courts thereby giving the construction team a workable area. With this, we can save a lot of time considering that the standard DPWH check processing is too long and a lot of procedures were needed before they can process and issue a single check.

There are three major roles that the Team ARA is carrying out:

  • To complete, compile and review DPWH required documents to process check payments via ARA based on the amount being requested by DPWH. This task also entails reviewing strategies, prioritization and budget allocation if the requested properties for settlement can equate to PTE/WOP.
  • To ensure that we can reimburse the check payments from DPWH as advanced. There is another set of requirements needed to process reimbursements which the Team should be able to comply. This stage also involves a lot of collaboration with DPWH and within support departments.
  • To strategize and set the budgetary requirements per area ensuring that the Php200M cap per project will not be consumed. This budget must be maintained and balanced between advancements and reimbursements.

In the first four months of the Team, a total of Php27,612,823.32 was being reimbursed for CALAx Project and Php758,751.69 for C5 Southlink Project. Every single amount that we reimbursed is really important for us to maintain the revolving budget. This accomplishment was really important to us since we considered this as double success, we get the possession of the property and at the same time we reimbursed the checks that can add to our funds to use on our future properties to be paid.

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